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Concepts of Embodied Spirituality

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I had gotten a few questions this last week about the Embodied nature.  Perhaps I have been a little vague on that front. I have several posts that explain what it is, but nothing about how to achieve it.

Since I recently posted about the awakening, I thought this would be a great topic to jump into next, because it is the ideal state of being for the self aware. There are aspects of the Embodied state that mimic other forms of spirituality. Yes, there is an essence of living in the now, and being fully present in the moment. Yes, there are concepts of evolution, and manifesting spirituality, and following a path of expanded awareness.  Yes, you will be challenged and stretched beyond your imaginations.  Yes, you will need to travel beyond the veil to see the extents of the subtle universe.

How, though, do you accomplish this? How does anyone manifest their true self in the here, while still holding onto their sanity?

First and foremost, you will need to understand yourself as you are now.  In this moment, what do you look like, how do you perceive yourself?  What does it mean to be you? Take the time to contemplate these things, and make sure that you are writing them down.  Be as objective as possible, and look at your past, and your present, to find the core of your rationality.  I do this exercise often (about once every three months or so) as a guage of how I have changed from my previous perceptions.  What decisions were pivotal in creating who you feel you are?  What path in life have you taken?  What do you want to manifest as you go forward?

Having clear and concise goals is important.  Not only are they milestones of your achievement, but when they fail (as they tend to do, when not pursued whole-heartedly) you can understand why they failed.  Were you not taking into consideration your own real weaknesses and strengths?  Is that failure because of your own inaction?  What does it mean to fail yourself, and capsize your Will in the Aetheric sea?  Are you able/willing to continue reaching for those desires, or has your perception of self changed enough to alter your desires as well?  When I do feel the melancholy of my own failure, I strive to understand why this failure happened.  I try to know if my own weakness was the reason for my failure.  If it was, what then can be done?  How do I change myself and my subjective universe enough to succeed?

Once I have my observations on paper, I analyze my actions, every step along my path.  I do this, not to judge myself, but to understand why the Self needs to change; however, the actual act of changing the self requires acceptance.  Accepting the self for who you are now, and being willing to map out my own personality enough to Embody the self that I desire.  I have a precious few tools to make this happen, allow me to express how I use them (and how you can, as well) for myself and my clients.


Fig. 1.a

I use a specific spread to understand the current dynamics of my self. I call it the Pentagram.  Once you see the basics, I’m sure that you, my gentle readers, will understand the significance of the elemental correspondences enough to know what each quadrant of the reading means, and how to interpret it- but, for those of us that like to know my own musings and enjoy my pedantic rambles, I’ll go into detail!  Each card represents a significator in this reading.  In each elemental correspondence (Aether, Air, Fire, Water, Earth) directly correlates to the state of mind of the individual in relation to that energetic balance.  Cards 1, and 2 relate to the Aether, or spiritual aspects of self; 3 and 4 relate to the Earthly/material aspects; 5 and 6 relate to Water/emotional; 7 and 8 relate to Air/the intellect; and finally 9 and 10 directly relate to the Fire/desires of the individual.  Using this spread, I can find where the person I’m reading for is expending their energy, and where it is lacking.  It also gives me steps and ideas on how to bring balance back to the individual.

Of course, if you are comfortable doing so, you can even use additional cards to branch off of areas that need focus in order to further understand where this blockage originates, and how to work past it.  With my clients, I have done everything from Psychic surgery to extended discussions about the origin of pain and suffering.  In rare cases, I refer clients to a specialist of psychiatry, massage, an herbalist, etc in order for them to actually benefit from the messages of the cards.  If you are doing this for yourself, make the distinction of what you can take on by yourself, and when to address the issues with professionals.

If the issue is something that can be dealt with through Pathwork, I coach my clients on what this process involves, and what it means to Journey outside of the body.  Definitely, the benefits of reaching through the other worlds in innumerable, when you can contact entities to work with, confront the shadow self, make use of the Library, connect with past lives, or even perform their own astral rituals to benefit their state of being. Of course, there is much more that can be done from this type of vantage point, and sometimes even be a truly healing experience in it’s own right.

If the issue is something that can be helped through energy work or Psychic surgery, I make sure that the client (or myself) is aware of what the process involves, and allow them to make an informed decision (especially if it is myself…) on if that would be their preferred method of treatment.  Certainly, having an Energy worker help to repair tears in the Aetheric body, bring balance back to your energy, or even remove blockages for you is a process that can be beneficial, but the client still needs to work to understand the changes of their energy, and how to work with the energies the gain in benefit from such treatments.  Sometimes, if not done properly, the emotional scars can become “infected,” in a way, that renders any further healing useless.  It is a fine line between balance and self destruction.

What does all of this have to do with the  Embodied consciousness?  In order to manifest the true self, we must first know the self in it’s most harmonious state.  Using techniques, like the ones above, can bring our awareness into focus and align it to the Will.  From this state, we are able to better channel our own repressed self and integrate the Shadow of our cognitive awareness, and further propel the Client along the path they are seeking.  PLus, there’s no sense in cleaning a kitchen with a decrepit sponge.

So, going forward, now that we know these steps, and possible ways of executing change in our lives, what does it mean to be Embodied?  Are we simply meat vessels of a higher consciousness, and manifesting that higher consciousness is our main objective?  No.  We are the Embodied, we are the Others that manifest the Will of our species on the earth.  We are the voices, loud and clear, of what it means to be a Demon, an Elf, or even a Vampire.  We are the success inherent in modern spirituality, and we use the memories, skills, and power of our Kin to show the world how important we are to it’s future.

We are the Embodied.


Ramkht and I

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I’ve been lokoing into the more ceremonial magics lately. Though I’m certainly not tired of my Psionic theories and training, it harkens back to the new beginnings to return to the craft I once held to passionately. In many ways, I’ve been writing and developing new Rituals to express myself through. There is one instance in particular I can think of, where I co-wrote with several other talented individuals a celebration and change ritual to bring balance between the soul and harmony into the life and body. It was an amazing working, and I plan to adopt it as my Vernal Equinox trademark go to working from here on out.

Because of my almost limitless inspiration from/for Greater workings, I’ve decided to pursue it and all of it’s vested interests as far as I can. With my history of energy work, I assume that this will only help to encourage the success of the working to be much more adept.

Following in the vein of traditional magics has never interested me much, what with the heavily Judeo-christian roots that many of the Thelemic systems use. No doubt, the names were replaced by paranoid magicians who thought that to preserve the true intent of Magic as a way of life, that it could just as easily take on their new religion as well. A testament to the ingenuity of their kind, but it still peeves me that I don’t know the original names of power that predate the Judeo-christian mythos. Perhaps that’s why so many substitute their own names and semantic dogma to the same level of success. This same fact was the reason I started my study into psionics in the first place. 

“If you can easily change the names of power, and even the whole system, why even bother with all that jazz anyhow?” 

This is a question I’ve wanted to answer for many years, and after so long working “in the raw,” so to speak, I believe I’ve found my answer this riddle. Using energy manipulation, and my degree system of Psionic programming and workings, adding that to the structure and elevated emotional states of the Gnosis magics, I have found that even though my level of success hasn’t changed, but my mind is changing more readily. I’m awakening aspects of myself through Psionics, and channeling those awakened selves into a larger system though the Greater magics. I’ve been finding the tenous balance of my Right and Left hand, of my dayside and nightside. That center area of grey is my key to Xeper, I can feel it.

Of all these inspirations, I would be want without explaining how this all relates to the title of this post. The OVC (online vampyre community) generally accepts a Caste system of triumvirate work. The Ramkht, Mradu, and Kitra all have specific functions as they work energy, create a ritual space, and enact the Communion of the Ancients within the specific Houses. Each house has their own teachings, and some don’t use this particular system at all, but through and through, my exposure to the OVC has seen these three “types” of vampyre almost omnipotent.

The Ramkht caste (or road) is the Priest. They are often called upon to settle disputes between houses, act as the vessel for scholarly materials, initiate and recognize the  varying degrees of adept-hood within their house, and often times symbolized by their ability to fine tune and redirect energy and it’s purpose. They are the mystics in other words- the aspects of all things metaphysical and the knowledge of how to apply these teachings.

The Mradu caste (or road) is often considered the warrior. They are the guardian of all within the temple, protecting it from the dangers of the community. They are enforcers, swords and shields of the family. Not only are their grounding abilities key to any ritual opening and closing, but their air of steadfast strength is also key to holding the walls of the temple solid, and allowing the temple to exist because they are the anchor. They are the sentry, constantly keeping watch over the working and adding their prowess in protective magics to keep all the Nightkind safe.

The Kitra caste (or road) is the constant companion. The healer and counselor. They act as the mediates, using their ability to cycle purify the energies of any given situation to it’s fullest extent. They are the filter by which all of the sacred is experienced, channeled, and offer their services for the Ramkht to direct ad program that energy. The  Kitra are the Seers of old times- they are the channel by which all energy can be focused from and through, they are the channels of all things sacred.

While my interpretation of these roads is well researched (from what I can tell,) I’ve obviously added my own archetype twist to the castes. Resonating strongly with Shamanistic and Celtic lore (it’s in my genes, don’t hate me) these archetypes in all cultures seem to epitomize the beauty of each road, at least to me.

Now, in my own studies, I’ve often found myself as more of a Ramkht. whenever I’m doing a working in a group (which granted, isn’t all too often) I find myself redirecting and programming the energy, intensifying the intent of the ritual. With my scribe nature, I’ve got hundreds of pages of research notes and even more of journals, random essays, and articles. I’m not as much of a community organizer (mostly because the “community” at large isn’t centered in Idaho), however I do often organize discussions, meet and greets, and pow-wow of all kinds in reference to the magical community. With the at home Dusty Grimoire discussion group, we’ve had attendance of over 15 people, many new to magic, to learn and grow as individuals.

Being a writer as well (don’t laugh, I write good…) I’ve come up with several different rituals and working of my own devices. As a Ramkht, these tools are an important aspect of my Road. Ramkht are the scribes, but also the scholars. Any one magical text is an affront to the true self of the person working the ritual other than the person who wrote it. Without writing our own workings, with our own symbols, and our personal understanding of the universe intricately laced throughout the delicate bits, the magic is useless. Anybody can get up and preform the Black Mass, but true will is preforming the Greater magics from your center, from using and understanding yourself well enough to preform your ownmagic. That is true magic. That is the way to understand the objective and subjective self. That is my Xeper.

Magical Journal #2

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This is a call out. Of my many projects going on in the coming season, I have one that should be fairly easy to complete, and I’m working on it on the side of my other required projects. This is going to be something that I think many people (not just the magical ones) will feel inclined to use, so I’m trying to call out to people willing to help with it.

I’m writing a few prompts. Journeling ones, at that. It’s nothing too fancy, just trying to get people writing in a way that they will feel good about it. While I have used them myself, I think I stated in my last post that these are invaluable to me when i am writing for myself and in my journal- I’ve never met anyone else that uses them to the goal I do.

I write down a hard question. Something that gets me excited, or angry, or passionate, and then free write my way through the question. After a few days, I’ll go back to it, and see where my true personality came out in my writing. I use it to not only be a better writer, I often will be found in the “self-introspection” mode and learn about myself this way. It’s been wonderful to look at myself and see who I am and where I’m going. That way, if I don’t feel that it goes in a way that I like, I can make steps to improve or change that aspect of myself.

As I’ve said before introspection to the self is an important key to the magical arts. To know yourself will show you your strengths and weaknesses. Not only will you be developing several of the keys of magic as you do this, but you will also have the opportunity to develop yourself into “that person” that you see yourself becoming. Self awareness is the vital key that keeps us from being caught in the currents of our lives, and allows us to stand above the waters to master our own path. I want to achieve this myself. This tool that I am “creating,” has helped me along those lines, maybe it’ll help you too! Give me some feedback here. I want to know if there are people out there interested in my idea, and if there are any out there who would like to contribute some ideas of their own (with your own citation and mention, of course).

These are but a few of the reasons I started the Dusty Grimoire- to bring knowledge out of it’s nooks and crannies, and bring it to the forefront of peoples awareness. Help me do that. I am but one voice in this world, with your help, we can become a true community. Whether we are Gnostic, Satanic, Wiccan, Vampyric, Otherkin, or soccer mom- we share a common goal. All things will lead to the same place, as long as we have the courage to walk our own path, and accept the wisdom of the paths around us. Knowledge is the key, knowledge is the fountain.

On that note, since I’m getting all vague and idealistically philosophicic, let me adjourn.

The Gifts of the Magus

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In ceremonial magic (and indeed, most systems) have a breakdown of effective magical or spiritual techniques used to attain the results you intend. With the Wiccan systems, you have the Wiccan creed which details several ways to effectively cast a spell and work the rituals. In high magics (such as Enochian or Kabbalistic magic) there are four simple tenets. To know, to will, to dare, and to be silent.

With a system that is deemed a way of life, such as Ritual magic, you live eat and breath your craft. you devote your life to it- if you didn’t, it wouldn’t work. You know that your energies craft themselves according to your will (as will be detailed in a later post on concepts of energy manipulation) and you dare to manipulate these energies to have your own will imposed upon your outer world. In all of this, the gift of silence is the most important. Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t the silence that makes it work, the idea of talking about your magic isn’t going to suddenly make it stop working (also covered in the mentioned post “Concepts of energy manipulation”); rather, the silence of your craft is in reference to the ego of a magician. Being subtle in your art is the best way to have it be effective. If you are “grand master Vladisucker the mage thrice-born waffle skillet homie,” to everyone you meet, it’s doubtful that you will be a.) taken seriously, b.) be able to effectively counter all of that energy coming at you to down-trod what skill you do posses.

To Know

This tenet is the first of the four gifts of the Magus. associated with the element Air, it makes sense that this tenet is the first. To know your craft is the first thing that you will be doing- getting the basics down to an art. Once you’ve mastered the simple bits, you will be reviewing the basics and learning more complicated procedures and theories for the rest of your lifetime as a(n) *insert path here*. There is always more around the corner, and always a way that you can tighten and improve your techniques and workings. To know, being associated with air, is the understanding that comes from the intellectual understandings of your craft. Writing down your findings in a journal or a grimoire is the perfect expression of your progression in this art, as you can compare the writings to each other and literally see yourself improve. While I could go into detail about the correspondences of the element Air, that’s a bit beyond the scope of this article.

To Will

Associated with the element of water (and in some systems, fire- you’ll see why) because to will something is a tactile sensation for many. It’s an emotional need to get it done. In many ways, the associations of water and fire overlap. They are both emotionally charged, they both have the ability to clear pathways for new life, and both of them in either extreme will kill you. As with many polar opposites, there are undeniable similarities. Either way, developing the will is often done through meditation and repetition of various rituals. The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, for instance, not only fortifies the minds eye and energies through visualization and the intonation of specific sounds to teach the magician the importance of vibrations in drawing things to us, but also allows the practicing to feel confident. That confidence plays closely into the direction of will.

To Dare

This is another concept almost interchangeably associated both fire and water. To dare, in the sense of magic, has always been taking your awareness and goals in your own hands. Being your own person, and having the audacity to stand up for yourself, and think/do. While I don’t always have the dare to say no (hence why my work has infiltrated every aspect of my life) I do employ this daring attitude in my willingness to learn, and take my mistakes as just that- experiences to learn from. While developing this daring attitude, obviously will power will play a strong role in it. For those us us (not I) who already have a natural gifts for Willpower and Daring, will find the affirmations that come from developing these traits a bit harder to put into words. Certainly, by living your own path you can write down such things in your Grimoire; however if these things come naturally to you, putting the thoughts into words will be a bit harder.

To Be Silent

Like I’ve stated previously, being Silent is about the subtle aspects of your art. Most traditions have a clause in their charter stating that most all of the path specific information is for innitiates only. Things like the Houses and secret societies have this clause to protect their inner members, and allows for the concepts of heirarchies within the society. The reason that we value silence in our craft is because of the law of attraction. If you talk about doing a major working, certianly that will attract attention. It doesn’t always attract the attention that you want it to. Also, other people knowing abotu the specific of your worknigs, their own associations can easily tap into your thoughtstream, and make you either second guess or doubt the effectiveness of your working all together. not what you want.

As far as a personal path goes, there are many things that these days are considered common knowledge. While these posts so far have much to do with that common knowledge, there are many paths that specify particular workings for festivals, sabots, initiations and ascension within that group. While these are essential functions, they are specific to the House or Temple that your path involves (if any).

If you are walking your path, accumulating knowledge on your own, and devising your own workings, you will have much in the way of information that you’ve discovered and/or been taught. This information should be specific to you and your path, and if you devised this information of your own experimentation you should consider it your own intellectual property. Obviously, you don’t want to say that “I came up with Satanism!” because that was a previously established thing, yadda yadda. Key point, if you do your research and cite your sources, all will be well.

I’ve always seen the gifts according to their elemental correspondence in the creation myths. That is to say, the order that they were (in my mind) employed to create from the void- Air, Water, Fire, earth. The reason I bring this up is because gaining these gifts in a particular order is important. Now, whether or not these myths have an validation to magic is debatable, and well beyond the scope of this article. In all things, the hidden gift of the magus should be unity. Not only does a magician seek to exceed his own interpretation of the universe, but to unify with it and become the master of himself.

Thanks for reading this long winded article. Anything that I can do to make it better? Yell at me, I’ll get it done for ya’.

Exhaustion, Malice, and the occasional threat of Violence.

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There is nothing keeping me here (steady paycheck aside) that warrants this behavior. Why do I feel the sense of loyalty that it takes to keep me coming back? Why, then, shall it all be for not. Why do I keep saying, “yes”? I know that working this much is going to kill me, or make me hate my job (I’ll take door number two, Alex) or worse- force my hand in harming those that keep asking me to work this much. I know it’s my own damn fault, but there is something to be said for the people who continue asking simply because they have not devised a proper alternative to the problem, and I’m not responsible for the hiring of new employees.

This entire rant, while frustrating and disorderly, is necessary in making my next point, by comparison.

The Will of a sorcerer (magician, Royal Lord Vladisucker, what have you…) is an important aspect of the magical intent and it’s worth in the working. While you can be an excellent sensor, able to perceive the very fibre of existence, if you don’t have the will to make the energies around to coalesce into the reality of your preconceived notions, you are a worthless sorcerer. I say this from experience, because I have been (on many occasions) a worthless magician. Intent is something that can be passionate and foolhardy- the willpower of a magician should be constant. One slight err could mean failure of your working.

That is not to say that distractions can’t work for you- they can, I’ve proven it many times that by pausing my intent and taking care of a bleeding roommate only to walk directly back into the working and finish it with success, is possible. Learning to put your magical awareness on hold simply takes will power.

“As I will it, so it shall be.” Is the staple of many workings simply because it feels right to say such things. Being a mentally inclined fellow I’ve always found it better to skip the words and foreplay (otherwise known as spell craft) and simply become the magic. For those of us not inclined as I (I’ve met hundreds that don’t conform to my brain, it’s okay, I love you anyway) I’ve always preferred the words “My will impervious, my command be done.”

It’s simple still, yet has an air of, “Bitch, get me my sammich!” It feels powerful to say these words- your meta cognizance understands that these are strong words. Want more oomph in your working? Go into alpha male (or female) mode, and allow the strong will to wash over you.

Without further ado;



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As I sit and write this, a good friend of mine is sleeping. In fact, most of my friends are fast asleep in their little beds Dreaming fantastic dreams about nothing in particular that I’m yet aware of. I stay awake, because I’m paid to, not so much by choice, but it does give me time to ponder on many things.

Like Viral Constructs, for instance.

A viral construct is aptly named. They are constructs programmed to be self sufficient- much like cell division, they grow within their shell (or larger, if you’d tell them to. Most of mine I keep within the original shell, or infuse them to a host.) and become more adept at their purpose with each replication of the original “cell.”

Now, human’s have long since had the ability to create life. Not being one of those humans who wanted to do such things with my semen, I turned to magic. While many may draw or paint life onto a canvas, write it into the pages of a book, I forge it from the essence of my soul.

Creating a servitor is a very powerful process for many. Much like ceremonial magic the process for creating a servitor can be as grandiose or as simple as you want to make it. I’ve always been a fan of creating whatever fit the situation at the moment. Certainly people make thought forms all the time, and can even interact with them (I have a theory that this was how many myths developed, especially with personification demons like Lust and Anger) to fuel them in the same way that a magician would.

Think your kid’s imaginary friend isn’t real? You’d be so wrong. Since I have written a post simmilar to this on servitors, we won’t go there, however Viral constructs and servitors have something very pivitol to their creation in common- they grow.

Using viral constructs has many advantages. There are many things that you can create when using this technique. I’ve always used this technique to “infect” a person with a particular enchantment, that way it mutates and infests them with something very viral in nature. It’s a horrible thing to do, but it is a part of my shield that if people try to feed from me or attack me, they get one of these infections.

The Library, or how the hell did I get here and why do I feel drowsy?!

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The Library is an inner temple that you create and utilize to enact astral or psionic rituals. This inner space is used as a sacred temple, where you can envision your seat of power, and even use it to go in-depth in something such as a past life regression or guided meditation.

When accessing the library, it’s usually easier to have someone guide you in, that way you can focus on seeing and feeling the area you are traveling to. Treating the experience as a guided meditation helps, and focusing on making the tactile experiences as real as possible will solidify this inner temple to you.

To begin, sit in a comfortable position, and focus on your breathing. In and out, slowly and with purpose. Feel your awareness in your mind, like a lighthouse on the shore. Drift to the center of your consciousness within the black void. Touch your awareness, feel it as a bead in your mind. Join with it.

With your awareness firmly in your grasp, “open” your minds eye. See yourself in the labyrinth of your mind. Trees and rivers run wild here. Trees guard your temple, and you must walk the winding path. As you take steps through the forest, feel your awareness expanding, becoming larger and all encompassing. Every step you take will make you aware of more space around you. Your awareness is permeating the forest now. You are aware and knowing of all the space within your mind.

As you stop walking, you see a large tree in front of you. On this tree, is a door, carved straight from the tree it’s self. You see the intricate designs carved into the door. As you reach out, and run your hand over the designs, you find that they spell out a word (or words). This (these) word(s) are your true name. Read them, know that you will remember them, and know that my speaking them they will bring you back to this place. Open the door.

As you walk through the door, close it behind you. Feel your awareness move into the room, taking up every inch of the room and filling it with your energy. As you close the door, you see a symbol carved into the wood. Reach out your hand, and trace the symbol. This symbol is your key, it will grant you protection from the outside world at a moments notice. Trace the symbol again, know that you will remember it, and know that just by thinknig of this symbol you will have the fortitude of the temple to protect you.

Turn to face the room. The space is much larger then it would seem from outside, and to the far wall is a glimmering pool. Before the pool is a sapling shaped into an ornate bookstand. On the sapling, is a book. The book is closed now. Walk over to the book.

You see that the cover is growing out of the tree, that the pages are ever growing out of the cover. You know that this living book is your link to all things you have done and experienced, from the first live to the present. On the cover is your personal symbol. You know that this symbol guards your past, and is the key to opening it’s knowledge to you. Run your fingers over the symbol, and know that you will remember it, and that by meditating on it’s shape you will be near this book, and read it to remember your past lives.

Look around the room, and see the collection of artifact from previous lives. What do the items say about who you are today? GO over to each one, and pick it up (if you can) and know that these things are yours, and they will remind you of skills and powers you’ve once had, and still have. Know that you will remember the items you’ve picked up, nd will have the chance to use them again.

Walk to the door of your temple, and see the symbol outside the door. Know that when you wish to come back, this symbol will guide you here quickly. Open the door, and walk out. As you do, feel your awareness go with you. See the forest in front of you. Close the door, and open your eyes. Allow yourself some time to adjust and come back to your body. Ground and center as you normally do, and write down your experiences.

This meditation is used as an introduction to your temple, and many variations of it have existed. I was introduced to a very different version of it several years ago on, and have continued to use it since. I’ve printed it here knowing that it is a.) my own writing, and though many of the concepts have been written, it is an original document, and b.) that if it’s use will help someone grow and learn more about themselves, that I should share it.

Enjoy, and feel free to e-mail me or comment with questions.