Musings of an Island in the Abzu.

With all of the running around associated with promotion, sometimes it seems like you are doing more “selling,” than you are actually doing what you want to do.  What I want to do is provide my services to people- Readings (which I’m told are great, but I still try to make them better), Energy Healing, Pathwork (defined as guiding people through the otherworlds, and integrating aspects of their shadow selves back into the whole), and guidance.  Why? Because it is what I am called to do.  Do I get frustrated sometimes?  Of course.  I know that my guidance and advice can be really beneficial to those who choose to listen.

Perhaps my ego is getting ahead of me.  Hello, I’m Ezikiel.  I’m a priest, confidant, psychic, and friend.  I am also a business owner, and currently my only source of income is from the services (described above) that I offer.  That being said, I approach my job as a counselor would, in that one session is great, but really to get any progress made it should be an ongoing process.  But how often should people pursuing holistic healing form a spiritual source be expected to expend money? Does it depend on the client, or on the treatment?

Generally (and trust me, there are exceptions), Following up with a reading twice a month can be a beneficial practice.  Not only will you be working with your psychic on setting goals, how best to attain them, and what unseen factors may be blocking you, but you will also have a change to work on you.  Understanding and healing the self is just as important as making sure that you are doing everything you can with the situations in your life.  Your psychic, if they are worth any salt, will also help guide you to a place of acceptance with the self, and understanding of how to change who you are to better fit your concept of who you should be.  This is not a process that happens overnight, and can often be a tumultuous one (at best).  You will go through emotions you thought you had conquered, repressed angers, fears, and stresses.  I find that the best way to approach situations like this, is to not go it alone.

I have been “going it alone” for several years, trust me, it isn’t the easier road.  Seriously, if you have the option for a personal trainer that helps you hone your emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and physical self, would you take it?  Sure, you could do all the exercises yourself, but will you?  That is why we seek community- to have motivations, and real, honest interactions.  Those are the services provided by psychics all around the world.

Some psychics will charge a lot of money to help you with your problems, but as an ongoing fee, is it going to be sustainable?  Are you, the client, going to be able to afford the guidance of your healer?  This is something that is so important to understand, since there are still a lot of people out there that fake prophecy, and act shamefully with clients.  It puts a bad taste in everyone’s mouth- but I can not fault them.  At least, not entirely.  It is just as important that you build a relationship with your healer- just like a masseuse, you have to trust that they will treat you with respect, dignity, and hit all of those tense spots that have been bothering you, but you can’t seem to shake on your own.  If you feel that something wrong is happening, follow that instinct, and take it to an objective source (like a friend or family member).  If you feel you have been scammed, overpaid, or aren’t getting any results from your interactions with that person, then don’t use their services.  If you feel it necessary to warn others, than consider telling your friends and family about your experience.  Perhaps, even submit something about your treatment to you tube.

One thing that I do hate seeing, is people being taken advantage of.  Another thing that I hate just as much, is people lashing out and trying to find “retribution,” for the actions of a psychic.  You chose to join in the healing process with them- you are now a responsible party.  Just like any other service job, sometimes people take for granted that you are there to help them.  If a client is having a hard time understanding (or appreciating) the gravity of the process that they are participating in, than perhaps they are not ready for your wisdom.  Conversely, perhaps “your” wisdom is not what they need.  The best thing that you can do is sit someone down, and have an honest interaction with them.  Appreciate their time, their willingness, and their honesty.  Return these in kind, and perhaps you will find yourself moving towards a better experience.

So, that was a long winded rant.  Not really relevant to anything, now that I think about it, but fun to write!  Stay well, friends.  Hugs and cookies for all!


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