Being the Embodiment

It isn’t so new of a concept. In fact, almost every world religion has an idea of stepping into your spirituality- becoming the Archon of your own faith and power. With most, it is simply accepting your responsibility in the grand schemes of the universe, and being willing to act in a manner that benefits others as much as yourself. To most, this simple concept comes down to one thing- live your life the way you want, and spread joy with your interactions with others.

For the Embodied, we take this to a whole new level, where we are seeking an awareness deeply recessed into our own consciousness. Through the Vampiric community, There is a concept called Zephy’r. This is based almost entirely on the concept of Xepher, re-introduced by the temple of Set (and all of their amazing scholars), from the Eqyptian culture. Xepher is evolution, manifestation of the potential of the Self. It is often used in magical traditions to symbolize the awakening of the Inner divinity, and has much the same connotations in the OVC and Otherkin crowds. While it is often seen in religious context, it does not really have anything to do with a particular theology. Religion and Spirituality can be mutually exclusive, but to truly manifest your own Xepher, you must find the personal balance between these two facets of life.

The Embodied are not just Otherkin, though I apply the term to my own spiritual progress, it is in fact a form of evolution. Conscious awareness and action are imperative to the evolution of the Self. It probably should go without saying, that this takes training and understanding of the self, and all facets of your personal psychology as well, but this is an often overlooked part of the process. Many people just don’t want to deal with their own shortcomings. Whether this takes the form of counseling, shadow working, Journey work, or Soul Retrieval, all of these are foundations to understanding why we do the things we do, and what our own habitual programming has done to our psyche. Incorporating all of these aspects of the self into one cohesive understanding is the foundation of the Embodied Awareness.

What does this mean, though, to people who are Otherkin/Vampires/Therian,etc.? It means three things, each that we will look at in a little detail.

Through the Awakening, you only get the barest glimpse.
When the Awakening happens, we often get so caught up in the realization of our nature and the fluctuations of energy within and around us, we overlook details. We forget that all of this should be relevant to our every day life. I have met far too many who have taken the awakening as a sign that the process is over, and that now they just have to live with the new found knowledge. Unfortunately, the awakening changes so much of our psychology and interactions socially, that it would be impossible to move forward, without also understanding the depth and breadth of those changes and effects. We are dynamic creatures, and even on a “normal” psychological level must be going through and constantly re-evaluating our relationship to the objective universe. If the Subjective universe changes our perception of the Objective, the dymanic between them has changed in such drastic ways that most psychoanalysis wouldn’t even know where to begin evaluating. Not only do you have to sort out all of the urges, spiritual imperatives, behaviors, social customs, and intrapersonal interactions, but we also have to know what this means going forward. Are we learning to be a stronger species? Are we incorporating our spiritual awareness into our daily lives? Why is this important? These are all questions that the Awakening forced me to ask, and though your situation may be different than mine, I implore you to do such exploratory self evaluation.

Just because you are Other, does not mean that you are better
This goes back to a pretty pervasive issue in the community, of “fluff”-type personalities, that use their Other side to tout how great and important they are. You aren’t. No more so than hobos on the street, or the president. Unfortunately we all have equal footing in the cosmic scheme of things. We are either Gods of our own reality, or we are the victims of an uncaring ebb and tide. Only you can decide which that is, and blasting all over the interwebs that you are the sparkling reinvention of a great and powerful being isn’t going to accomplish a damn thing, except maybe piss off the people who know what they are doing. Hint, if you don’t have to work for it, you are not likely to have it handed to you. Need I say more?

Understanding the Lore of your Kin is necessary
Who the hell thinks that just because they “lived as an elf,” does not mean that you know what the hell you are talking about. Compare these sensory inputs to traditional interpretations of Elven culture. I’m talking Proto-German, Celtic, Sumerian, Etruscan, Asian, all of them. Get an idea of how the human cultures interacted with the Otherworld, and use that to refine your understanding of self. No, I’m not saying that your “memory” is bad. I’m saying that our Subconscious and spiritual selves communicate with symbols- you are looking at things through a distorted lens of symbols, hidden meanings, and interpretive visions. Don’t EVER take things at face value, question your urges, understand the root of your behaviors, and for the sake of all those of us who do our research, unless you can use something other than “because I just know!” as a counter argument, just don’t.

Essentially, don’t stop improving your understanding of the Self, remove yourself from the idea of ego, and do your research. You can do it! Really, just get off your lazy carcass and try Best of luck!


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