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New Radio!

Posted in Introductions, Magic, Otherkin with tags , , , , , on June 15, 2012 by Ezikiel

We are starting a radio cast, through Blog Talk Radio. Currently, we are set up for a weekly, 30 minute show. Our first episode is set for June 27th, 2012, where we will do an intro show! With this show, we will be talking about who we are, what to expect from our show, and what it means to Embody your Spirituality.

You, the listener, have the chance to also call in, chat live with us, and interact through our show! We will be taking calls during the show, and answering questions every week. I will also be uploading the show notes and answers to the Vox Homunculi after the show has aired. Be sure to listen in, and keep in touch as we explore new and exciting areas of the web!

I posted a link, under “Radio” so that we all know where to go, if you don’t already follow the Vox Homunculi, or the Dusty Grimoire, please do so on facebook!

I’m super excited for this new opportunity, and look forward to keeping everyone in touch with the Vox Homunculi!