Ethics of the Oracle

I have been pondering this for a while now, trying to figure out how best to approach a topic that can be quite explosive.  If this offends anyone, you can feel free to not use my services as a Seer, Priest, or Healer, and simply take your needs elsewhere.  Otherwise, I hope that it sheds some light on my own personal understanding of Ethics, and allows my clients, friends, and family to better understand me.  First and foremost, I know that not all readings, situations, or sessions are happy and easy, or traumatic and challenging.  Most of them fall somewhere in the middle, but that still require you to approach each situation with a fresh perspective and a compassionate understanding of someones personal needs.  Your own personal understanding of their situation is irrelevant.  You are the impersonal messenger.

With that being said, my first topic of ethics is truth.  Regardless of the message, your client has a right to make an informed decision about their life.  If you hold back your interpretations because you don’t want to upset someone, then you are not an Oracle.  You are a charlatan.  You deserve to have your tongue cut out, and your own talents turned against you like razors.  Why?  Because, the client trusted you.  Because of your own personal weakness, you are not allowing someone to step onto their path of awareness knowing something they should be aware of.  You were a vessel for a message that could have saved them heartache, pain, the need to sew the tattered pieces of their life together, or the understanding of the consequences of their actions.  I saw this because I have lived it.  And, I have been on both sides of this dilemma, where saying something would obviously upset the client, but it needed to be said, anyway.  I sucked it up, and stated my message, as compassionately as possible. My part on the play is now over, and they have the option of taking this message, or not.  I did not take away their ability to choose.  Thus, I have respected my client.  I do not decide their fate, I do not manipulate their choices, I do not withhold information.

That being said, I have met so many people that have had psychics flat out lie to them.  Or, simply refuse to provide them with the information that are receiving or divining, because it is “touchy.”  It really saddens me, when people that take on the role of guides, priests, healers, and oracles, that don’t have the stones to help someone when help is obviously needed.  Perhaps you should get a different hobby, because you are obviously not a professional.  I refer to my feelings of dabblers in this article, feel free to read it. Perhaps it will help.

Secondly, in regards to ethics, it is important to understand your idea of compassion.  As an empath, it is easy for me to gauge someone’s emotional volatility, and approach certain areas of a reading/session with caution.  Do I altogether avoid those areas, because I may not be prepared for the clients reaction?  No.  I do, however, have a standard disclaimer that I use when approaching such topics with clients, it runs a little like this- “I’m going into an area that may be quite uncomfortable or difficult to address, are you prepared to talk about (insert topic, such as the death of their loved one, sexuality, their religion, etc.)?”  In doing so, I offer them a way to understand the nature of my reading, and the interpretations, and invite them to be present in the session with me.  If they decline, I will make myself notes of my impressions, and offer to make an appointment to discuss those issues, because they will need to be addressed.  They can choose to persevere through the challenges in their life with me, or with someone else, but I at least have made them aware of what needs to be worked on for the healing process to continue.

As I noted, I also write down the impressions or symbols that I am coming up with that deal specifically with this issue.  If my client does choose to come back at a later time, I can specifically address those issues, and incorporate that message into a session before any cards are drawn, or any energy work has begun.  We can have the conversation, and allow it to start mulling over in their energy field, and use the reading to actively contribute to how to use the information/or what steps to take in order to make the healing process happen.  I have found that, for me personally, this is the best approach.  For you, it may be different, but simply ignoring the issues at hand will not make for a healing experience for your client.

Thirdly, it is important to know your own weaknesses.  Are your weaknesses going to negatively effect your session with a client?  Do you work better in a group, do you work better alone?  Are you able to concentrate in locations that are not your office?  Are you uncomfortable working with certain “types” of people?  Know the answers to these questions, and make sure that you are also saying, “no,” to their request for your services if you are not going to be able to fulfill their needs.

Not indirectly related to that, make sure that you are clear on what your clients expect from you.  Are they wanting to get a simple divination of their future?  or, are they wanting you to perform a magical panacea to cure their loved ones?  I have a brochure that I review with new clients (and let them take with) that details how I work, and what a session with me is generally like.  I let them understand the general time frames, and the options for additional services provided with, and additional to, the service they approach me for.  This way, if something does come up that requires a service I offer for a fee, they know what to expect from that service.  Often, I will also offer them self help information (for free) and leave the option open for them to return for other paid services.

Fourth, on my list of ethics, is the matter of coin.  Lot’s of people get butt hurt over “charging for services of a magical nature,” because there are really no guarantees.  I wrestled with my ideas of this subject for a long time, and have come to very interesting (in my opinion) conclusions.  I first had to understand if my guidance and akills could be used to help people.  How did I do this?  I took a job on a tarot line, where I am paid to offer my services.  Granted, I am not being compensated directly by the clients on this line, but they are returning time and again, and requesting me.  This proves to me that they feel I am helping them.  My services are valuable to them.

That being said, I’m not a martyr.  I do not sacrifice everything I am and believe in, just to benefit others.  I need to make a living, and my time and effort deserve compensation for the services that I offer.  Am I going to charge so much that I am excluding entire demographics from me? I certainly hope not!  I considered charging by the hour (like most psychics), and what my bottom line would be (with my current debts and needs financially) to match my overhead, and offer a profit margin that I could sustain my quality of life with.  And I kept in mind, that as I start out, I most likely will not have  consistent weekly (or even bi-weekly) appointments.  In order to calculate my cost, I figured that my main source of income would be the Tarot readings, and made those my base.  Consider for a moment, my monthly budget (what I need to survive and not spiral into debt) is roughly $1,200.00  This includes my debt, my current payments, and the overhead of my business.  I considered taxes, with the state of Idaho, around 20%, and divided that number by the ideal number of clients per day, for an average 5-6 day work week.  My number came out to about 40 clients, paying 25-30 dollars per session, on a weekly basis.  I figured that this price was more than fair, since (even in the Boise area) I know of a couple psychic that charge up to $100.00/per 30 minutes for readings.

Am I judging them, because of their prices?  Maybe a little.  Do I want to be making 200.00 dollars an hour for a full time business, working up to 60 hours for my own business (that would equal about $12,000.00 per week, for those not following math), of course I do.  Why don’t I charge as much as everyone else?  Honestly, because I feel that I don’t need that much money.  I would be making enough to live  comfortably by doing 40 readings a month at the 25-30 dollar range, and if my goal is to do that in a week of work?  I rest my case.  I’m charging for my services so that I can continue to provide them.

You may come to your own conclusions, but these are mine.  I hope this article was able to help you understand my approach to ethics, and being a Priest, and healer.


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