The Awakening- an understanding

I have wrestled with this topic for some time, and finally decided to sit down and write out my conclusions.  Thus far, I have found that the Awakening (or, and I like to sometimes call it, that groggy almost knowing period between not knowing a damn thing, and having some idea of what it means) is a process of becoming enlightened to the nature of one’s self.  Yes, it does have more connotations with the Otherkin/Vampire community, but it also directly correlates to any spiritual or mundane process of seeking answers.  The Awakening is merely the question we ask ourselves.

This in mind, it should be noted that not all of the aspects of the awakening are pleasant. It can be a grueling experience, especially for those (like myself) who feel that so much change has happened and yet there is so much more that will come about.  We want the more now, and we want it to be amazing!  This is really a generational flaw, where our appetite for change was fostered early, and we never got to appreciate the in between periods.  You’ll be happy to know that it can be fixed with a lot of patience, and a really snazzy blog.

Back on track- the Awakening is not something that just happens overnight- although it can seem that way.  Something spiritual happens, and we embrace a whole new paradigm, where the impossible exists, and we are a part of it.  That in and of itself is a huge revelation!  You’ve officially become a new person, on a journey of epic proportions.  You now have to understand where in that subjective reality you fit- are you religious? Do you strive to understand yourself?  Do you have morals?  What do Ethics mean for you?  What is your idea of a “spirit?” Who are you? What are you? Do you believe in psychics? Are you psychic? Does this change the way your friends and family see you?

As you can see, the questions go on.  There aren’t any easy answers to them, but that is where the discovery comes in.  I like to call this phase, “Cup of coffee #1,” where you sit down and realize the basics of your universe.  Are any of these questions going to change your life? Absolutely.  Are they going to make it easier?  Most likely, not at first.  In the long run, yes- you will be able to look yourself in the eye and say, I believe this, because of my experience.  The Universe proved to me it’s existence.

Yes, you have awakened to a new world, of shiny idols, Old Gods, and subtle realms just beneath our perception.  Does it do you a damn bit of good? Not in the slightest, unless you do something with this knowledge.  Consider with me, the Dabbler.

The Dabbler is an all too pervasive menace to the world of spiritual practitioners.  This is the type of person who believes that magic is alive (bonus) and does everything they are told (getting sketchy) by one book (F***ing seriously?) and if it even resembles working (subjective) they deem themselves a witch, and proclaim their awesome might to change the universe (where’d I put my sword, I’mma cut a hoe!).  While the Dabbler may find peace and solace in their umbrella understanding (or lack there of) of paganism, they never really change themselves, or manifest a healed persona.  They are a broken subculture, in an already largely misunderstood minority.  They may have “awakened” to the possibilities of spirituality, but they choose not to grow with it.  They simply light a candle to help boost their concentration, and don’t even bother bringing that same light into themselves to understand why they need a candle. What is it about magic that forces us (when it works) to deal with our own shortcomings and become a stronger, more reliable force in our own right?  Is it because we actively try to better ourselves, so that we are worthy of our own skin?  I’ll take that as a yes.

The Dabbler, however, does not want to become self aware.  They do not wish to grow, or even fight for their will.  They just want the magic pill to make the troubling times go away, and then continue on with their lecherous suckling meat bags of worthless flesh existence.  The human experience is all about being broken, and put back together.  You fight for survival, whether that means you till the soil and plant your harvest until your hands bleed so that you can eat, or you get your degree to open doors to having a better life.  Either way, you struggle, you sweat, you suffer, and you prosper because of it.  Magic is the essence of our nature-  we use it to draw the strength of character to study, the will to work hard, the desire to achieve more, and the understanding of our own humility.  Yes, we can channel those energies into achieving our desires.  Does that mean that by working a simple (or complicated) ritual, a new Lexus will appear in our drive way? No.  We are simply trying to allign our will, with the universe, and then taking the necessary steps in order to create a self fulfilling prophesy.

Still with me?  Awesome, now, to let you know how this applies to the Awakening.  The Awakening is simply becoming aware of the Will.  Focusing your Will, actively bettering yourself, and making an informed decision about your course of actions are the only ways to achieve magical success.  Now, consider this in light of the idea of Otherkin and Vampires.  We awaken to a wholly different concept of self perception, needs and impressions that make us rell in misunderstanding for who knows how long, only to find our answers and self awareness!  What do we do with it? Seek out other people, lose ourselves to a herd mentality that would make Jeffery Dahmer giggle, and pretend like that is enough to make us happy.

For some, sure, it could work.  For those like myself, who know there is so much more to this incarnation than my skin and boner, it most certainly is not acceptable to stop growing just because I found someone else also on the path.  Do I want people around me that know what it is like? Of course..   The Awakening opens our eyes, but unless you actually look around at the world, and take those steps into the unknown, you will just keep staring at the same scene forever.

The world requires struggle in order to survive.  Yes, it can be difficult.  Yes, you might fall and break a leg. No, you will not be coddled. Without the will to persevere, you are nothing but a dabbler at life.


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  1. Well written and worthy of more attention! I am gonna reblog

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