Seeing beyond the Veil

As of February 16th, I am now a paid psychic. While a little off from what I expected to use my experience for, I have found it quite fulfilling. That update aside, I do have several thoughts to share with everyone, now that I have a bit of time to dedicate to writing again.

Where to begin, though?  So much has happened this year, that it is nearly impossible to find a place to start.  With all of the things that have moved into and out of my life recently, I guess it all comes down to one thing. I was told so.  Now, the universe is doing that “na, na, na,” dance that we all hate so much.  I was just not willing to listen to the answers to questions I was actively asking.  I would use all of this experience and wisdom to change the inevitable (which can be done, but not without great cost…)

Don’t get me wrong, I believe that we make our destinies all the time, and that our actions are constantly shaping and moving the path of our life.  Nothing is written in stone, it’s all subjective, the future is a mystery, and Elvis is dead.  The problem, however, is that I have seem beyond the veil, and my interpretation of the Waft and Weft of the fabric of the universe was just that- That we are all much like patches of fabric in a greater design.  Each thread is a point of potential, and each one leads to a different aspect of the self, potential selves, and that the decision we made do in fact shape our section of the Weaving.  The problem, however, is that each decision has a pretty predictable outcome.

Allow me to extrapolate my idea of how this happens.  If you aren’t familiar with creation myths, specifically involved with the Weaving goddesses, then you are in for a very convoluted rant about yarn.  If, like me, you view yarn as a metaphor for everything that is right with the world, then we will bond over this post like sisters of the Wyrd.

Specifically, I see each person as a strange, spinning drop spindle. Using the materials of the universe, the old bits of soul (this is where reincarnation comes in, if you understood that metaphor than you won’t get too lost) get caught up in our motions, and become a part of our thread. Though, with all of the threads and choices that we make, some heavier than others, while we are in spaces of rest, or in Ritual, we weave all of these threads together to create and manifest a cohesive pattern.  Choosing of the options our actions have wrought, we create our own section of the Universe. Sure, there are many things that we do not have “control” over, because other forces are also working to weave. Where we seam together the lives of our friends to us, of our Gods, of what ever entities we work with, we fortify our will by creating these bonds.  The problem, however, is that the seams are rarely forever, they wear, they grow, we tend them, or they break. When this happens, we are left with a hole, and this hole must be patched in order for us to heal (I feel a “well, duh.” moment coming on…) and move forward.  This healing process is not easy, and even in the case of a magically minded person, it never happens over night.

I have been doing a lot of work in my own life, trying to heal the rends in the fabric.  It has been an arduous task, and while I am moving along swimmingly, I have found many of my own practices lacking in their practical application of this endeavor.  As a result, I have taken many things back to the drawing board, and started over from scratch.  Hmm… something tells me this was a plan all along!  Damn my subconscious plans.

What I have come to realize, is that my search to fulfill my potential is kind’ve like anorexia.  Don’t get me wrong, anorexia is a debilitating mental and physical ailment, and the people going through it may not see the comparison, but stick with me.  Instead of body dismorphia, where what one sees in the mirror is never what they idealize, I seem to have magical dismorphia. It’s like I can’t just step back and realize how far I’ve actually come, and that the path is contiually growing and becoming more.  I am living the realization of “potential,” as opposed to one day waking up with mastery of the self.

Well, now that you put it that way, I feel that “duh” moment coming on again.

What does this have to do with piercing the Veil?  Every thing, really.  When you are moving forward, sometimes the decisions we make feel like instint, and we don’t take stock of the understanding they provide until well afterward.  This is why they say all that nonsense about hindsight.  In order to have foresight in the 20/20 range, you really need to practice and understand the forms of divination that are out there.  Personally, I always used my Tarot cards, but lately I am realizing that they are about as needed as pants.  Sure, they help, but they are not really required. The skill and talent is already built in- sometimes you just need to be less exposed to the elements.  Or, your clients.  Different kind of business, the one with no pants.  Different business indeed.


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