I was confused, once. I believe we have all been. It was some time before i finally worked out that there are many things in this world that I will never, for the life of me, understand. Coming to peace with that, I have decided to focus on the things within my grasp. It took me finding some solace, through desperate times, in my religion.

For a long time, Religion seemed like a curse word to me. Surely, nothing as tainted and broken as organized religion could be for me. I am a God unto myself, and all the rest are but a shadow of my will!

Well, it sounds great to say it, but what does that even mean? Who turns these phrases into the fodder of an enriched life? Who truly Embodies their Will and focuses the Aether into their every action? If I could not see this in others, I decided to Embody it myself. I decided, through no uncertain terms, to be the clergy of my own covenant. Certainly, while remaining humble and demure//true to myself//honest// realistic, I am becoming the Psychonaut of a new age without even realizing it. Sure, there are others out there. Sure, I’m not alone on the journey; however, in so many important ways, I am. Making it up as I go along is proving to be difficult, if not frighteningly insightful. I have realized that my Journey has led me to an acting position as a leader, a Person out ahead, to make my mistakes publicly so that those who follow behind have no choice but to learn from my example (and what a fine mess of burning ruin that should turn out to be!) and learn to move beyond me because of my cut swath along this under walked path.

To be Embodied is not in and of itself, a religious act. It is simply an awareness that one comes to as they mature and develop. Sure, all of magic and it’s uses have found a way into religion, and likewise. It would be silly to assume that they are mutually exclusive, for the very act of creating and manifesting the Will through into this world is to reflect all of the stories and mythos of religion. From the most Polytheistic, to the most modern of Christian sects.

Taking the will into your own hands, under the guise of your Will, or the Will of an entity outside of yourself, is not the issue up to question. Left hand and Right hand paths have no place among the Embodied. Their very nature defies the implied law of both. What is most important are not the semantics that argue their use, but simply the actions taken to bring about an awakening in yourself. The awakening of the Self, and the evolution of that self are first and foremost. Regardless of if your God or Gods are relevant.

Seems strange to have a self proclaimed “Priest” (ordained and recognized, sure, but self proclaimed none the less) speak of powers beyond human conscience is such a way, doesn’t it? Well, that is because the Priest-hood, it’s mysteries, and indeed it’s many connotations, are beyond the threshold of Churches. Religion has much to do with the Magic of the world, indeed, that very act of practicing magic is to worship the Will (higher and otherwise) in devotion to something both intrinsic, and alien to our essence.

Ask me about a path of religion, and I can name several that would benefit you personally, even suggest some Elders of those religions as starting points for an interested Adept. But, ask me if it is necessary, and I will tell you what I have always told people- “Of course not. Truth is not wrapped up in a tidy package for us to find. Truth simply is. Find it your own damn self.”

Hmm, maybe less on the stereotypical understanding of Priestly function, but I think that it is necessary to also make it known that the Priest, traditionally, just not just give out answers. Even if they were available to the person in the role, it was never beneficial to give someone else your own truth. Because it was not the truth they had earned, fought for, and would eventually take to their grave as the best kept secret in the universe, but also, because it was not the truth for them.

Being a Priest is less about your own ego for a reason- you do not try to get people to understand your Gods, your dogma, or your truth. You simply walk a path of truth, and hope that it leads others with your torch. If not, you at least found your own truth.

For me, that is the Religion. Finding my own truth, and teaching others to do the same.


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