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Big Change

Posted in Introductions, Magic on September 21, 2011 by Ezikiel

This last few months have been a roller coaster of change for me.  It is important to note that with all of these changes, it has effected the Dusty Grimoire significantly.  I would like to take the time to fill everyone in on what has been going on, and let you all know about how the Dusty Grimoire will evolve to keep up with life.

The Dusty Grimoire will continue to be about the Magical process, my experiences with it, and the useful tidbits of information that I come across.  Of course,  I will still be authoring articles, rituals, techniques, and philosophies of magic, and with that will also come a new direction- Embodied focused articles.  I’m sure we have seen the recent changes to the D.:G.:, where I had posted about the Somnium Homunculi since its inception.  This will continue, and the D.:G.: will continue to be a running journal of my writing for the Guild, and several of the personal workings I go through.

My contact information has changed somewhat- please feel free to email me at the contact link updated and provided- It will be my main source of contact with readers and friends.

I am also no longer living in Idaho. For the time being, I’ll be in the New York City area, and anyone in the area is welcome to contact me for meet up information and scheduling. I would love to connect with a few of the Embodied and magically minded people in the area! Perhaps we could set up an in person forum, similar to how the D.:G.: was started in Boise!

Now, for a bit of an update- I had been working with Frater Nicht, who publishes Chaosphere magazine, and written up a couple things for him to use in his magazine.  This is an awesome publication of Black Magic, Satanism, and “hot chicks,” (direct quote, haha!) that is sure to please even the pickiest of readers.  Please check it out!

I’ve also been working with my Family in the House of the Dreaming to create and get ready for Savannah, GA’s Pagan Pride Day, where two of my Family will be presenting, and we will also be having a House gathering and group working.  Lots of writing for this one!

As far as changes to the blog, we’ll see some new catagories, as I begin to work more intimately with Journey work, heathen crafting, ritual writing, and journaling.  More of the ranting will likely be published, along with the more serious articles.  Several articles will likely be re-written, or re-envisioned, and many new things will stat coming out of the woodwork.

I wish you all the best, hope to see you around!