On the Ancient and mysterious

The ancients are, by definition, old things. Gods and creatures idolised and immortalised by their subsequent generations for their qualities and ideals. Many of the Ancients I’ve encountered in text and practice have been an amalgam of  energies and thoughts from the different cultures and people that have since put thought into them. Being a part of the astral, and therefore not needing a concrete body to contain their energies, I’ve noticed that many of them have taken on a form more suitable to their liking. From Shiva’s many armed glory, to Lillith’s curvature and terrifyingly beautiful physique, the Ancients have mastered, in their own way, to harness the energies being given forth to them in order to make themselves known and retain their will in a cohesive being.

In the last few weeks, I’ve been invoking several of these ancients to fuel my meditations and workings. Having tapped into those energies to channel them into my magic has been an interesting endeavor. I Invoked Aiacos, a Greek god of judgment in the Underworld, and used his energies to make a few decisions (being a Libra has it’s drawbacks), Evoked Arachnia into a living Altar to commune with a goddess on many of life’s questions, and got some interesting tidbits of insight.

Using these energies and channeling them (either into myself, or into something else) is strange to me. The energy has a will of it’s own- allowing that will to super-cede my own and allow it to flow was a challenge (to say the least) for me. I would assume that it gets easier, with practice and time, to let something come in and commune with it on a spiritual level, trying not to impose a will onto it (Aiacos doesn’t like that one so much, I still taste rotten meat sometimes…don’t ask).

Though, with the limited experience I’ve had with Invocation and Evocation of spiritual entities, I have yet to have a scary experience, or on that didn’t prove enlightening on some aspect or another. From Aiacos, I am learning to make clear decisions, to balance the scales and find the middle path for myself. From Arachne, I’m knitting much more (Yay, presents for friends and family!) and with better conception of the finished product. Not only that, but I’m beginning to see the parallels between the web of the Wyrd (Old Norse concept, works well for me) and how we manifest out destiny. Every little loop that I pull through an old loop shapes my sock (or sweater, or skirt, or shawl, I’m not addicted) into something from a stringy mess of woolly softness, to a beautifully crafted masterpiece (don’t deflate my ego, those socks are AWESOME) of design and function.

All in all, I have found another aspect of my craft to perfect, and plan on doing much more in the near and far future.


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