Not to shoot a dead horse, but where would a page like this be without showing an example of my own techniques and energy manipulation ideas in this very basic concept? Well, I’ve got my trusty side-arm, and I’m taking aim.

The first thing that you want to do when learning to shield is get used to programming energy. It’s a simple process, however there is a learning curve involved where you will find yourself unsure of your own abilities. This is pretty standard, though getting past it without a friend or partner might be a bit difficult. My way of getting people over the learning curve is to play a simple energy programming game. It’s called “Pass the Psiball,” and I first learned it on Psipog.

This game is really easy. For beginners, you start with a list of tactile sensations that are going to be programmed into the energy ball- hot and cold to start, then something more specific as well; smooth, spiky, or spongy. The object is to encode the energy ball with a temperature and a shape, and pass it to a friend for them to interpret your programming. While also flexing your energy manipulation muscles, you get the option to learn to decode the programming of energy, on top of reinforcing your own programming skills. I’ve always used a short list for beginners, and of course you can increase the difficulty by adding more specific things, or a broader range of sensations, colors, smells, what have you.

Once you’ve gone through this a few times, you’ll probably notice the difference between tactile programming, and visual programming. Both of which are very usefull, and I’ve found more success comes from using a mixture of the two processes. Tacile programming is achieved when you feelthe energy moving through you, changing shape once it’s between your hands, raising or lowering in temperature. Almost like sculpting clay. Visual programming is just that- you visualize where your energy is, see it moving, and see the changes take shape.

This is one thos those that will be updated frequently, just wanted to post something.


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