Magical Journal

There are obvious advantages to having a journal of any kind. Not only is it a great self awareness and reflection tool, but it also allows the writer to carry on their own stream of consciousness and vent their frustrations of the day out. Dream journals are also an important tool for many of us, allowing us to reflect on our subconscious happenings and learn more about the internal archetypes that affect us. While I’ve always felt that a journal should incorporate all of these things, and be an ongoing internal dialogue with your higher self in order to perpetuate the cycle of self awareness and personal ascension.

Now, that’s all fine and dandy, but for those of us who have a hard time writing, how the hell are we going to start a daily journal and make it interesting enough to keep up with?! Writers often employ writing prompts to get their creative juices flowing. They use these to start off, giving themselves a frame to start with and then let the writing go where it takes them. Once they have a beginning (which isn’t always “the beginning” if you’re talking about a story or an article) they can pull the parts that they feel are good, and use those as prompts for the next part of their work. I often do this when I’m writing stories for class, and it’s been an invaluable technique. Applying it to my spiritual and magical work hasn’t been easy.

I’ve been developing a list of writing prompts for a magical journal, one that will go through an entire years’ worth of entries, and many of them will reflect back on previous entries. I’m trying to make a generator that will be hosted on the Dusty Grimoire, and will walk through the years worth of entries, and then have a random generator that can be used when you can’t think of something to write. Of course, the focus of this project will be for self awareness and achieving your goals (mundane and magical, of course) so there will be an array of topics and journal ideas. Of course, many of the topics will seem like they do not belong, but once the writing starts you will find yourself reflecting upon your own experiences, and relating them to your goals. Through this, you’ll notice insight developing on how to achieve those goals, and how realistic your dreams really are. I’ll of course be using the Dusty Grimoire to post my own responses to the journal entries, and you’ll see the posts grow quickly once I get all of the prompts written and published. It’ll be a long road, and organizing all of the can be bothersome, but it’ll be worth it if anybody can be helped through my work.


One Response to “Magical Journal”

  1. Here is a profound thought from the ages.. Expressed so sweetly…

    The soul is a non-localized phenomon
    If I project a beam of light at the wall.. You see the light on the wall but the wall is not the source of the light, it comes in from somewhere else. The soul is also a projection. It does not exist inside us, anymore than the light exists inside the wall, but this shell is the only wy we can perceive it. The universe itself is conscious in a way that we can never really truely understand. It is engaged in a search for meaning. So it breaks itself apart, investing its own consciousness in every form of life. We are, the universe, trying to understand itself.

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