Not to be the bearer of melodrama, but this post is going to be all about me. Still working on cleaning up my language from the vicious battle with my essay on energy manipulation, I figured I would lay back and enjoy the show with a few highlights of the last week or so.

1.) I’m no longer working 60 hours a week at my job, with a prompt display of my masculinity, I have secured myself a three day weekend that will last as long as it will support myself and my bad habits. Also, this will mean that I will not only have time to update the site here, but I will also be able to finally learn how to adjust my CSS and stylize the website more to my taste! Yay, custom images and graphics!

2.) Because I’m a nice guy, I’ve accepted a position with the Shadow’s of Valhalla Otherkin group (see RSS feed at right) as an admin. While I don’t suppose this will take much time out of my life, since there really isn’t much there to crack down on, I do at least want to make aware this fact so that no one tells me that they didn’t know. Here it is, typed, posted, and proven. Take that. 😛

3.) I’ve officially announced my engagement. While not “new” news, it’s still news and I’m freakin’ happy. You should be too. Party like there’s no tomorrow (which, in hindsight, might involve a lot of crying and tantrums…hmm. Perhaps we should review that phrase to be updated.) and join me in defying the government! Only because it’s two guys openly expressing our love for eachother with that good old heathen handfasting. Joy, rapture, and the occasional 16 shots of rum.

4.) I’ve decided that rum is to be the libation of my choosing at my funeral. I don’t expect it soon, but be warned that you will be required to pour me several drinks upon my internment to the earth.

That is all, thank you.


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