Exhaustion, Malice, and the occasional threat of Violence.

There is nothing keeping me here (steady paycheck aside) that warrants this behavior. Why do I feel the sense of loyalty that it takes to keep me coming back? Why, then, shall it all be for not. Why do I keep saying, “yes”? I know that working this much is going to kill me, or make me hate my job (I’ll take door number two, Alex) or worse- force my hand in harming those that keep asking me to work this much. I know it’s my own damn fault, but there is something to be said for the people who continue asking simply because they have not devised a proper alternative to the problem, and I’m not responsible for the hiring of new employees.

This entire rant, while frustrating and disorderly, is necessary in making my next point, by comparison.

The Will of a sorcerer (magician, Royal Lord Vladisucker, what have you…) is an important aspect of the magical intent and it’s worth in the working. While you can be an excellent sensor, able to perceive the very fibre of existence, if you don’t have the will to make the energies around to coalesce into the reality of your preconceived notions, you are a worthless sorcerer. I say this from experience, because I have been (on many occasions) a worthless magician. Intent is something that can be passionate and foolhardy- the willpower of a magician should be constant. One slight err could mean failure of your working.

That is not to say that distractions can’t work for you- they can, I’ve proven it many times that by pausing my intent and taking care of a bleeding roommate only to walk directly back into the working and finish it with success, is possible. Learning to put your magical awareness on hold simply takes will power.

“As I will it, so it shall be.” Is the staple of many workings simply because it feels right to say such things. Being a mentally inclined fellow I’ve always found it better to skip the words and foreplay (otherwise known as spell craft) and simply become the magic. For those of us not inclined as I (I’ve met hundreds that don’t conform to my brain, it’s okay, I love you anyway) I’ve always preferred the words “My will impervious, my command be done.”

It’s simple still, yet has an air of, “Bitch, get me my sammich!” It feels powerful to say these words- your meta cognizance understands that these are strong words. Want more oomph in your working? Go into alpha male (or female) mode, and allow the strong will to wash over you.

Without further ado;



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