As I sit and write this, a good friend of mine is sleeping. In fact, most of my friends are fast asleep in their little beds Dreaming fantastic dreams about nothing in particular that I’m yet aware of. I stay awake, because I’m paid to, not so much by choice, but it does give me time to ponder on many things.

Like Viral Constructs, for instance.

A viral construct is aptly named. They are constructs programmed to be self sufficient- much like cell division, they grow within their shell (or larger, if you’d tell them to. Most of mine I keep within the original shell, or infuse them to a host.) and become more adept at their purpose with each replication of the original “cell.”

Now, human’s have long since had the ability to create life. Not being one of those humans who wanted to do such things with my semen, I turned to magic. While many may draw or paint life onto a canvas, write it into the pages of a book, I forge it from the essence of my soul.

Creating a servitor is a very powerful process for many. Much like ceremonial magic the process for creating a servitor can be as grandiose or as simple as you want to make it. I’ve always been a fan of creating whatever fit the situation at the moment. Certainly people make thought forms all the time, and can even interact with them (I have a theory that this was how many myths developed, especially with personification demons like Lust and Anger) to fuel them in the same way that a magician would.

Think your kid’s imaginary friend isn’t real? You’d be so wrong. Since I have written a post simmilar to this on servitors, we won’t go there, however Viral constructs and servitors have something very pivitol to their creation in common- they grow.

Using viral constructs has many advantages. There are many things that you can create when using this technique. I’ve always used this technique to “infect” a person with a particular enchantment, that way it mutates and infests them with something very viral in nature. It’s a horrible thing to do, but it is a part of my shield that if people try to feed from me or attack me, they get one of these infections.


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