The Library, or how the hell did I get here and why do I feel drowsy?!

The Library is an inner temple that you create and utilize to enact astral or psionic rituals. This inner space is used as a sacred temple, where you can envision your seat of power, and even use it to go in-depth in something such as a past life regression or guided meditation.

When accessing the library, it’s usually easier to have someone guide you in, that way you can focus on seeing and feeling the area you are traveling to. Treating the experience as a guided meditation helps, and focusing on making the tactile experiences as real as possible will solidify this inner temple to you.

To begin, sit in a comfortable position, and focus on your breathing. In and out, slowly and with purpose. Feel your awareness in your mind, like a lighthouse on the shore. Drift to the center of your consciousness within the black void. Touch your awareness, feel it as a bead in your mind. Join with it.

With your awareness firmly in your grasp, “open” your minds eye. See yourself in the labyrinth of your mind. Trees and rivers run wild here. Trees guard your temple, and you must walk the winding path. As you take steps through the forest, feel your awareness expanding, becoming larger and all encompassing. Every step you take will make you aware of more space around you. Your awareness is permeating the forest now. You are aware and knowing of all the space within your mind.

As you stop walking, you see a large tree in front of you. On this tree, is a door, carved straight from the tree it’s self. You see the intricate designs carved into the door. As you reach out, and run your hand over the designs, you find that they spell out a word (or words). This (these) word(s) are your true name. Read them, know that you will remember them, and know that my speaking them they will bring you back to this place. Open the door.

As you walk through the door, close it behind you. Feel your awareness move into the room, taking up every inch of the room and filling it with your energy. As you close the door, you see a symbol carved into the wood. Reach out your hand, and trace the symbol. This symbol is your key, it will grant you protection from the outside world at a moments notice. Trace the symbol again, know that you will remember it, and know that just by thinknig of this symbol you will have the fortitude of the temple to protect you.

Turn to face the room. The space is much larger then it would seem from outside, and to the far wall is a glimmering pool. Before the pool is a sapling shaped into an ornate bookstand. On the sapling, is a book. The book is closed now. Walk over to the book.

You see that the cover is growing out of the tree, that the pages are ever growing out of the cover. You know that this living book is your link to all things you have done and experienced, from the first live to the present. On the cover is your personal symbol. You know that this symbol guards your past, and is the key to opening it’s knowledge to you. Run your fingers over the symbol, and know that you will remember it, and that by meditating on it’s shape you will be near this book, and read it to remember your past lives.

Look around the room, and see the collection of artifact from previous lives. What do the items say about who you are today? GO over to each one, and pick it up (if you can) and know that these things are yours, and they will remind you of skills and powers you’ve once had, and still have. Know that you will remember the items you’ve picked up, nd will have the chance to use them again.

Walk to the door of your temple, and see the symbol outside the door. Know that when you wish to come back, this symbol will guide you here quickly. Open the door, and walk out. As you do, feel your awareness go with you. See the forest in front of you. Close the door, and open your eyes. Allow yourself some time to adjust and come back to your body. Ground and center as you normally do, and write down your experiences.

This meditation is used as an introduction to your temple, and many variations of it have existed. I was introduced to a very different version of it several years ago on, and have continued to use it since. I’ve printed it here knowing that it is a.) my own writing, and though many of the concepts have been written, it is an original document, and b.) that if it’s use will help someone grow and learn more about themselves, that I should share it.

Enjoy, and feel free to e-mail me or comment with questions.


3 Responses to “The Library, or how the hell did I get here and why do I feel drowsy?!”

  1. This is great! A different rendition than what I’ve experienced, but actually closer to my own picture of things.

  2. Thank you Ezikiel.. I keep passing this one on to others – heh.. very good work..

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