Brain = dead

So, obviously there are no pictures here yet. I ended up not getting out of work until about 8:30 in the morning, and so I just crashed when I got home. It was kinda bad.

So, it’s supposed to be my Friday, this fine Sunday night. In a true and just world, I will have the next two days off to re-evaluate my position, once again decide that I want my job, and come to work perky and happy on Wednesday.

Obviously, it’s not a just, nor perfect world. I don’t have a day off from work until a new night audit employee is hired and trained. This process could take weeks. In the mean time, I’m getting paid another 216 (gross) per week. Hell, if the money is good enough, I’ll do anything. (quiet you!)

So, there’s really nothing new to report, except that I do have a couple of pictures of my cat on my computer at home. Maybe I’ll upload those for you. She’ purdy. The picture is on here, if you can’t see it you might have need for a scroll function on your mouse (or, quite possibly the ability to navigate through archives.) to view it. I didn’t lie, that cat rocks my world, and sometimes my S.O.’s flesh with claws of sharpie doom.

The sounds they make together sometimes, I’m not always sure how their relationship goes. It’s like a BDSM night here sometimes with them, and which one is the top depends on who draws the first blood. (Pheonix has won everytime so far, but Kirin might just use his elbows…that could get ugly quick.)


One Response to “Brain = dead”

  1. hi Ezikiel, again have had great pleasure from reading your dusty grimoire, just love the humour, mixes with the slight self-deprecating tones, so much better than the ego-orientated english sites of “we are great magicians, learn from us” crowd. I live on the south coast of the uk, and the scene here is, to say the least, quite depressing, very elitist, and a lot of them have scaled the tree of life but lost their soh on the way! Thanks again for the chat about the rogue entity/”ghost”-it helped. Please keep in contact, yours is the best, kind regards, mercurial.

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