Magic? What magic, these are my socks!

This post is about enchantments. In the last one, we talked about Servitors and Egregores, now we’re going to talk about something a little less intense easier to comprehend different.

Enchantments are “simple” energy associations that you can attach to something external. Be it a ring or the cat, you can imbue a property to the object with as much or little flair as you’d like. While enchantments are a simple process, there can be a lot going on with the energy. I’m going to go over the process of enchanting (both Traditional and psionic) and then talk about a few things to keep in mind when designing your enchantments.

First, let’s talk about what assigning intent to an item means. When you enchant something, you put energy and thought into that object, it becomes one with the object, melding into it’s very structure. When you encahnt an item, you can see it and feel it (if you’re sensitive to such things, obviously.) That object becomes Energy Living. Energy Living is a term I use to denote an encanted object, because the energies and intent on the object create a dymanic harmony that will cause the exchange of energy particles (if the particular energy is a particle, some are waves, in which case it simply radiates and the incoming waves or particles are then redistributed as waves of the same program. It’s very technical, and not everyone wants to hear me rant on about the subsidy of energy in physics beings as I don’t have the degree.)

For this article, we’ll simply use a ring as our focus, and come up with a few enchantments to put on it.

Traditional:This style of enchantment is what most people are accustomed to when they think of charging an object with their intent. Lighting candles, and setting the ring on the altar while burning incense and chanting “Divine ______, honor this ring with your protective guidance,” is a simple and effective way of enchanting the ring with the intent of protecting you. But, what if you want to get your own energies involved? there are ways to program an object with your own energies. Just wearing the ring will do that- and to enchant it with the program you just need to tell yourself that it will protect you as you wear it. Periodically through out the day make it a point to play with it a little, reaffirming the fact that it is doing it’s job. Simple ways to achieve an end.

I’ve devised several rituals to focus intent into objects, however a psionic ritual is a bit harder to understand and effectively convey, but I’ll try. Here goes!

Psionic: This technique is simple, as long as you know how to shape and program energy. Since that’s all you are doing. I usually focus on my power well by closing my eyes and breathing, feeling my awareness and vision floating deeper into my mind and into my Library. Once there, I’ll take a deep breath, open my eyes, and flood the object with my energy (in my experience, don’t do this with hemetite, we don’t need your friends bleeding from the eyes when it cracks and debris flies all over) while stating my intent with my inner voice (this will be discussed much later, when I feel like talknig about all the effects that novels have had on magic and magical culture, just think Dune, or now). That’s the easy technique, the hard part would be describing any form of a Psionc ritual, since they are mostly done through astral projetion into my Library, and preformed there. Not everybody uses an inner temple, or knows how to guide themselves to it (that should be my next post, really…) so I’ll save that technique for now.

Next up in the Magic and Mayhem series- The Library, or how the hell did I get here and why do I feel drowsy?!


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