Magic and Mayhem

The Dusty Grimoire, my own open forum magical discussion group, has started a new project that I’d like to detail here. It’s a bit lengthy, so stick with me, damnit!

As I’m sure we all know, there are certain sects of the magical community who create “golems” and thought forms known as servitors to carry out their tasks in creating changes or establishing a shift in their own personal paradigm. I heard about this technique in an article explaining the progression of thought forms into egregores on, and they had made a vague reference to the creation of your own thought forms.
Now, I’m a naturally curious person, and I was wondering how this technique worked. I grabbed one of my old toys, and created a servitor to go inside of it. I used a stuffed animal (I know what you’re thinking, but I was 15 at the time, I still had all that stuff…) as the body of the created essence, and set to experimenting with what it was capable of. I remember that its name was “Fluffylufagous.” Don’t laugh, there’s a reason I chose this name. I had created this servitor to protect my nephew, who was 4 at the time. He loved having stories about magic read to him, and his mom was a green witch so he heard them often. All the old creation myths and such were his bedtime stories.

Now, my first servitor was designed to drain energies from hostile animals/people, and render them calm and placid around him in order to protect him from physical harm. I figured it would be an effective way to keep him from most dangers out there. I decided that I wouldn’t let him in on the magic I had worked, rather just see how it played out.

Needless to say, the kid loved it. He even named it. Fluff Guss. Who knew, right? (it was a blue bunny doll, you can’t get much more cutsey, folks. It’s a sad fact) Anyway, through out that next year or so, my nephew carried his new pal everywhere, and his mom kept asking me if I had put anything into the doll, because it really seemed to have a life of it’s own. I just smiled, most of the time.
Well, he’s almost 10 now, and still has Fluff Guss around. Seems to work pretty well, from what I’ve heard.

Well, we’ve been discussing Servitors and the creation of egregors and god forms lately in the D:. G:., and we’ve Make several ones as individuals to get those of us that aren’t used to it into the workings of the technique, and have since found results to varying degrees. This last Monday, we got together and decided to create one as a group- an Egregore that we can call upon and utilize. While I won’t divulge the details of its creation and existence until it’s ready and made, it’s an interesting experiment.

Now, onto the technique itself. There are tons of places that will tell you much of what I will list here, and the book Creating magical Entities were influential in my process. While mine is different from any that I have read, as with most magical writings, it’s hard not to step on toes. If you see anything that I have that seems really close but isn’t notated as referenced anywhere, let me know and I’ll go look up that book, and cite the text. Most likely, I have either not read it, or I couldn’t remember what freakin’ book it was.

There is always going to be a “how-to” on these topics, some written much more dynamically then I could do myself, and instead of writing mine here and possibly violating some code of conduct or copyright of written materials, I’ll simply detail how this technique works (it’s a theory, but a good one) in my own words. If it pleases you, I’ll post links at the end of the post which track back to examples of these DIY pages.

That aside, let me explain how these techniques work. 🙂

The key with servitors is to create something detailed and specific, focusing on everything from how it will look dormant, to how it will nourish itself and do it’s job at the same time. Focusing on the associations it has simply allows for you to feed into it’s energy pool every time a correspondence you’ve associated with it comes up. For example, you create a servitor to remind you to do the chores, and you associate it with the broom. Every time you see or handle the broom, that association is strengthened and the servitor feeds from the thoughts given to that correspondence.

Now, while that was a wordy description, it does make sense (at least to me, I’m sure I could do more to clarify if you’ll ask). Especially if you consider the concepts of association. Any ritual or tool is used to focus the associations and draw change into the life of the magician. Creating a servitor serves this purpose, because the entity you create will draw the associations together into one cohesive being, using all of the association’s gathered energies to enact your change. The fact that once you send it off, your servator enacts your will without your constant attention makes it an ideal working for those of us with less than ample time to focus on one thing.

*edit* Thanks to Mercurial for pointing out a few of the many flaws in this post. I’ll be lookingover it and editing for content over the next few days.

More to come, in the next intallment of the Magic and Mayhem series- “Magic? What Magic? These are my socks.”


One Response to “Magic and Mayhem”

  1. What you’ve written is interesting, but any decent book on magick has the information in it on how to create thought forms/servitors, your not really writing anything new on the subject.I’ve had real experience with spirits/entities, and it’s not always as fluffy as you make it sound! be careful babe. xxxx.

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