I’ve been knitting feverishly this last week, on socks, a shawl, and a sweater. What do I have to show for it? Nothin’.

Though my attempts to get all of my projects to align into a coalescing “Finished project” montage of me all happy and smiling holding up of wearing my blocked and beautiful new wardrobe have failed me thus far, I have high hopes. I guess I can’t really blame anybody but myself on this one, I mean, it is all my work that I’ve been doing, and if I keep ripping out everything that I’m not pleased with (those socks were horrible. little cables that didn’t cable, and a “simple” yo k2tog ladder on the side of it. it looked like a floppy broken condom. ) Eventually I’ll have the one project that goes by smoothly, My technical skill of knitting will be far advanced, and I will be casting on socks and then weaving in the ends within a few days! It’ll be astounding.

Then reality sets in, that’s only if I ever have a day off from work. : P



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