Anything ado about nothing

So, there’s a problem. I’ve spent so much time training myself to be on the night shift that when I have one of insomnia moments, I’m bound to fall asleep on a shift. And, that’s never really a good thing. I’ve got a plan however- drink copious amounts of coffee. Coffee is the ambrosia of the gods, it makes a shift at work bearable, it helps you finish the socks, and it also helps keep the blood brain barie from breaking down due to high cholestorol.

Who doesn’t want some coffee?!

Now, there could be side effects…however nothing seems to shake my firm believe that there can be no worng done by such a delicious thing. (side note, maybe that is why I have such an ego…)

Anyway, I’ve been stuck at the coffee shop all day knitting, ‘m going to go and get a nap before I have to do my Primerica training. 😦


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