I love books. I’ll have to take a picture of my library to prove it (I’m not bitter about the camera taking lame ass gigantic high resolution pictures that have no place being on a website. Not at all).

 The books that I like the most are the ones that you take off the shelf, and heft with a mighty “hmph” to the desk to pry open the cover and dive into a world of crazed anarchy where the book takes you. Sadly, none of my printed books do this, only my journals, notebooks full of half crazed, unfinished ramblings my writing and drawings are the hefty ones. Hey, I’ve got an idea! Anyone who wants to come to my house and organize/archive all of those rambling jottings of a mad man wonderful articles, I’ll pay you a dollar! 😀

I’ve been listeing to Three Days Grace a lot. If you haven’t heard them, you can see tons of videos of theirs on you tube and such. Hey, if you love them, great! If you don’t, don’t tell me. I know we are all able to express ourselves (sometimes in idiocy, if none of you reading have read some of the forums or comments on some of these things…) but really, I like to think that we all share a love of many things. Don’t ruin it.

 In other news, I have my review at work today at 11. I’m kind’ve looking forward to it, actually. It’s like an open forum where I get to be berrated by my boss with all of my short comings, and I get to do the same! I’m pringing the “Things you can do to make me happier” cards from 

They rock.


2 Responses to “Books”

  1. Hey, Love, quit bitching about the huge photos already-just open them with Paint(tm) and change the size!

  2. I wanna see this library dude!!!!! Send some pics will ya, I love books!!!


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