Editing myself


So, today is devoted to all of the wonderful thinks that I think that, honestly, should never be shared; written, verbally, or even with the pets. It’s just too horrible to think of what might happen should these words and/or actions make it past my thick skull.

First things first, there’s the idea that I can never finish a project. I get start-itis so bad somethings, that I have to sacrifice needles from previously started projects to cast on for the shiny new one. I can’t tell you how many socks have been murdered this way. It’s a lot…

So, I actually finished a sleeve, the one that I’ll be showing you once I get the damn pictures to be smaller. Seriously, we don’t need a poster sized picture in high resolution of my cat nesting into all of my yarn, now do we? Granted, it’d be cute, but that’s just a bit too much kitty.

I’m working on designing a sweater/ pullover. It’s got an intarsia band on the arms, and I’m trying to get the bottom edge to have a seed stitch hem while coming up on a curve (think Thai dress shirts, only round). It’s not coming out well, and I haven’t found a pattern to base the idea on. I’ve been doing swatches and testing it out…but really. Designing crap is hard! And, it might be my first sweater. I’m not saying that I’m an over-achieving idealist, but I expect this thing to be perfect. 😐

Well, I’ll have to do some more gauge math, and maybe I’ll even get a few pictures (again, once I figure out how to resize them without any photo editing software) and post the pattern on the Blog. That’d be kinda nifty, wouldn’t it? Me, having an original pattern. Ha, I can see it now- people laughing and carrying on about how I can’t even finish a pair of socks, but I’ve got this awesome pullover pattern. Meh.

 So, that’s about it for now. Oh, by the way, Kirin posted a comment asking me about the ant “situation” at my house. I don’t want to talk about it. Really, I had it cleaned (Joanna and I worked dilligently, mind you. It wasn’t all me.) and then i don’t go home for two or three days and it’s horrible again. Ants everywhere. I couldn’t even enjoy my cup of coffee because I saw so many of the little bastards.

 I am bitter, hear me roar.

So, I’m on my 6th night of work without a day off. I was late today. It goes without saying that this can really wear on you. I’m actually less than angry about it. I like going into work and knowing that everything was done correctly the day before. It’s invigorating to know that nobody found any mistakes with my reports from the day before. Not like they would, I’m perfect. It must mean I’m well trained. I can even get done on time!

Whee, the excitement, it flows through me like 6 cups of coffee flow through someone addicted to diurtic pills.


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