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Exhaustion, Malice, and the occasional threat of Violence.

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There is nothing keeping me here (steady paycheck aside) that warrants this behavior. Why do I feel the sense of loyalty that it takes to keep me coming back? Why, then, shall it all be for not. Why do I keep saying, “yes”? I know that working this much is going to kill me, or make me hate my job (I’ll take door number two, Alex) or worse- force my hand in harming those that keep asking me to work this much. I know it’s my own damn fault, but there is something to be said for the people who continue asking simply because they have not devised a proper alternative to the problem, and I’m not responsible for the hiring of new employees.

This entire rant, while frustrating and disorderly, is necessary in making my next point, by comparison.

The Will of a sorcerer (magician, Royal Lord Vladisucker, what have you…) is an important aspect of the magical intent and it’s worth in the working. While you can be an excellent sensor, able to perceive the very fibre of existence, if you don’t have the will to make the energies around to coalesce into the reality of your preconceived notions, you are a worthless sorcerer. I say this from experience, because I have been (on many occasions) a worthless magician. Intent is something that can be passionate and foolhardy- the willpower of a magician should be constant. One slight err could mean failure of your working.

That is not to say that distractions can’t work for you- they can, I’ve proven it many times that by pausing my intent and taking care of a bleeding roommate only to walk directly back into the working and finish it with success, is possible. Learning to put your magical awareness on hold simply takes will power.

“As I will it, so it shall be.” Is the staple of many workings simply because it feels right to say such things. Being a mentally inclined fellow I’ve always found it better to skip the words and foreplay (otherwise known as spell craft) and simply become the magic. For those of us not inclined as I (I’ve met hundreds that don’t conform to my brain, it’s okay, I love you anyway) I’ve always preferred the words “My will impervious, my command be done.”

It’s simple still, yet has an air of, “Bitch, get me my sammich!” It feels powerful to say these words- your meta cognizance understands that these are strong words. Want more oomph in your working? Go into alpha male (or female) mode, and allow the strong will to wash over you.

Without further ado;




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As I sit and write this, a good friend of mine is sleeping. In fact, most of my friends are fast asleep in their little beds Dreaming fantastic dreams about nothing in particular that I’m yet aware of. I stay awake, because I’m paid to, not so much by choice, but it does give me time to ponder on many things.

Like Viral Constructs, for instance.

A viral construct is aptly named. They are constructs programmed to be self sufficient- much like cell division, they grow within their shell (or larger, if you’d tell them to. Most of mine I keep within the original shell, or infuse them to a host.) and become more adept at their purpose with each replication of the original “cell.”

Now, human’s have long since had the ability to create life. Not being one of those humans who wanted to do such things with my semen, I turned to magic. While many may draw or paint life onto a canvas, write it into the pages of a book, I forge it from the essence of my soul.

Creating a servitor is a very powerful process for many. Much like ceremonial magic the process for creating a servitor can be as grandiose or as simple as you want to make it. I’ve always been a fan of creating whatever fit the situation at the moment. Certainly people make thought forms all the time, and can even interact with them (I have a theory that this was how many myths developed, especially with personification demons like Lust and Anger) to fuel them in the same way that a magician would.

Think your kid’s imaginary friend isn’t real? You’d be so wrong. Since I have written a post simmilar to this on servitors, we won’t go there, however Viral constructs and servitors have something very pivitol to their creation in common- they grow.

Using viral constructs has many advantages. There are many things that you can create when using this technique. I’ve always used this technique to “infect” a person with a particular enchantment, that way it mutates and infests them with something very viral in nature. It’s a horrible thing to do, but it is a part of my shield that if people try to feed from me or attack me, they get one of these infections.

Brain = dead

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So, obviously there are no pictures here yet. I ended up not getting out of work until about 8:30 in the morning, and so I just crashed when I got home. It was kinda bad.

So, it’s supposed to be my Friday, this fine Sunday night. In a true and just world, I will have the next two days off to re-evaluate my position, once again decide that I want my job, and come to work perky and happy on Wednesday.

Obviously, it’s not a just, nor perfect world. I don’t have a day off from work until a new night audit employee is hired and trained. This process could take weeks. In the mean time, I’m getting paid another 216 (gross) per week. Hell, if the money is good enough, I’ll do anything. (quiet you!)

So, there’s really nothing new to report, except that I do have a couple of pictures of my cat on my computer at home. Maybe I’ll upload those for you. She’ purdy. The picture is on here, if you can’t see it you might have need for a scroll function on your mouse (or, quite possibly the ability to navigate through archives.) to view it. I didn’t lie, that cat rocks my world, and sometimes my S.O.’s flesh with claws of sharpie doom.

The sounds they make together sometimes, I’m not always sure how their relationship goes. It’s like a BDSM night here sometimes with them, and which one is the top depends on who draws the first blood. (Pheonix has won everytime so far, but Kirin might just use his elbows…that could get ugly quick.)

The Library, or how the hell did I get here and why do I feel drowsy?!

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The Library is an inner temple that you create and utilize to enact astral or psionic rituals. This inner space is used as a sacred temple, where you can envision your seat of power, and even use it to go in-depth in something such as a past life regression or guided meditation.

When accessing the library, it’s usually easier to have someone guide you in, that way you can focus on seeing and feeling the area you are traveling to. Treating the experience as a guided meditation helps, and focusing on making the tactile experiences as real as possible will solidify this inner temple to you.

To begin, sit in a comfortable position, and focus on your breathing. In and out, slowly and with purpose. Feel your awareness in your mind, like a lighthouse on the shore. Drift to the center of your consciousness within the black void. Touch your awareness, feel it as a bead in your mind. Join with it.

With your awareness firmly in your grasp, “open” your minds eye. See yourself in the labyrinth of your mind. Trees and rivers run wild here. Trees guard your temple, and you must walk the winding path. As you take steps through the forest, feel your awareness expanding, becoming larger and all encompassing. Every step you take will make you aware of more space around you. Your awareness is permeating the forest now. You are aware and knowing of all the space within your mind.

As you stop walking, you see a large tree in front of you. On this tree, is a door, carved straight from the tree it’s self. You see the intricate designs carved into the door. As you reach out, and run your hand over the designs, you find that they spell out a word (or words). This (these) word(s) are your true name. Read them, know that you will remember them, and know that my speaking them they will bring you back to this place. Open the door.

As you walk through the door, close it behind you. Feel your awareness move into the room, taking up every inch of the room and filling it with your energy. As you close the door, you see a symbol carved into the wood. Reach out your hand, and trace the symbol. This symbol is your key, it will grant you protection from the outside world at a moments notice. Trace the symbol again, know that you will remember it, and know that just by thinknig of this symbol you will have the fortitude of the temple to protect you.

Turn to face the room. The space is much larger then it would seem from outside, and to the far wall is a glimmering pool. Before the pool is a sapling shaped into an ornate bookstand. On the sapling, is a book. The book is closed now. Walk over to the book.

You see that the cover is growing out of the tree, that the pages are ever growing out of the cover. You know that this living book is your link to all things you have done and experienced, from the first live to the present. On the cover is your personal symbol. You know that this symbol guards your past, and is the key to opening it’s knowledge to you. Run your fingers over the symbol, and know that you will remember it, and that by meditating on it’s shape you will be near this book, and read it to remember your past lives.

Look around the room, and see the collection of artifact from previous lives. What do the items say about who you are today? GO over to each one, and pick it up (if you can) and know that these things are yours, and they will remind you of skills and powers you’ve once had, and still have. Know that you will remember the items you’ve picked up, nd will have the chance to use them again.

Walk to the door of your temple, and see the symbol outside the door. Know that when you wish to come back, this symbol will guide you here quickly. Open the door, and walk out. As you do, feel your awareness go with you. See the forest in front of you. Close the door, and open your eyes. Allow yourself some time to adjust and come back to your body. Ground and center as you normally do, and write down your experiences.

This meditation is used as an introduction to your temple, and many variations of it have existed. I was introduced to a very different version of it several years ago on, and have continued to use it since. I’ve printed it here knowing that it is a.) my own writing, and though many of the concepts have been written, it is an original document, and b.) that if it’s use will help someone grow and learn more about themselves, that I should share it.

Enjoy, and feel free to e-mail me or comment with questions.

Just a quick aside

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Check this out!



You see, I can do things!

Magic? What magic, these are my socks!

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This post is about enchantments. In the last one, we talked about Servitors and Egregores, now we’re going to talk about something a little less intense easier to comprehend different.

Enchantments are “simple” energy associations that you can attach to something external. Be it a ring or the cat, you can imbue a property to the object with as much or little flair as you’d like. While enchantments are a simple process, there can be a lot going on with the energy. I’m going to go over the process of enchanting (both Traditional and psionic) and then talk about a few things to keep in mind when designing your enchantments.

First, let’s talk about what assigning intent to an item means. When you enchant something, you put energy and thought into that object, it becomes one with the object, melding into it’s very structure. When you encahnt an item, you can see it and feel it (if you’re sensitive to such things, obviously.) That object becomes Energy Living. Energy Living is a term I use to denote an encanted object, because the energies and intent on the object create a dymanic harmony that will cause the exchange of energy particles (if the particular energy is a particle, some are waves, in which case it simply radiates and the incoming waves or particles are then redistributed as waves of the same program. It’s very technical, and not everyone wants to hear me rant on about the subsidy of energy in physics beings as I don’t have the degree.)

For this article, we’ll simply use a ring as our focus, and come up with a few enchantments to put on it.

Traditional:This style of enchantment is what most people are accustomed to when they think of charging an object with their intent. Lighting candles, and setting the ring on the altar while burning incense and chanting “Divine ______, honor this ring with your protective guidance,” is a simple and effective way of enchanting the ring with the intent of protecting you. But, what if you want to get your own energies involved? there are ways to program an object with your own energies. Just wearing the ring will do that- and to enchant it with the program you just need to tell yourself that it will protect you as you wear it. Periodically through out the day make it a point to play with it a little, reaffirming the fact that it is doing it’s job. Simple ways to achieve an end.

I’ve devised several rituals to focus intent into objects, however a psionic ritual is a bit harder to understand and effectively convey, but I’ll try. Here goes!

Psionic: This technique is simple, as long as you know how to shape and program energy. Since that’s all you are doing. I usually focus on my power well by closing my eyes and breathing, feeling my awareness and vision floating deeper into my mind and into my Library. Once there, I’ll take a deep breath, open my eyes, and flood the object with my energy (in my experience, don’t do this with hemetite, we don’t need your friends bleeding from the eyes when it cracks and debris flies all over) while stating my intent with my inner voice (this will be discussed much later, when I feel like talknig about all the effects that novels have had on magic and magical culture, just think Dune, or now). That’s the easy technique, the hard part would be describing any form of a Psionc ritual, since they are mostly done through astral projetion into my Library, and preformed there. Not everybody uses an inner temple, or knows how to guide themselves to it (that should be my next post, really…) so I’ll save that technique for now.

Next up in the Magic and Mayhem series- The Library, or how the hell did I get here and why do I feel drowsy?!

Magic and Mayhem

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The Dusty Grimoire, my own open forum magical discussion group, has started a new project that I’d like to detail here. It’s a bit lengthy, so stick with me, damnit!

As I’m sure we all know, there are certain sects of the magical community who create “golems” and thought forms known as servitors to carry out their tasks in creating changes or establishing a shift in their own personal paradigm. I heard about this technique in an article explaining the progression of thought forms into egregores on, and they had made a vague reference to the creation of your own thought forms.
Now, I’m a naturally curious person, and I was wondering how this technique worked. I grabbed one of my old toys, and created a servitor to go inside of it. I used a stuffed animal (I know what you’re thinking, but I was 15 at the time, I still had all that stuff…) as the body of the created essence, and set to experimenting with what it was capable of. I remember that its name was “Fluffylufagous.” Don’t laugh, there’s a reason I chose this name. I had created this servitor to protect my nephew, who was 4 at the time. He loved having stories about magic read to him, and his mom was a green witch so he heard them often. All the old creation myths and such were his bedtime stories.

Now, my first servitor was designed to drain energies from hostile animals/people, and render them calm and placid around him in order to protect him from physical harm. I figured it would be an effective way to keep him from most dangers out there. I decided that I wouldn’t let him in on the magic I had worked, rather just see how it played out.

Needless to say, the kid loved it. He even named it. Fluff Guss. Who knew, right? (it was a blue bunny doll, you can’t get much more cutsey, folks. It’s a sad fact) Anyway, through out that next year or so, my nephew carried his new pal everywhere, and his mom kept asking me if I had put anything into the doll, because it really seemed to have a life of it’s own. I just smiled, most of the time.
Well, he’s almost 10 now, and still has Fluff Guss around. Seems to work pretty well, from what I’ve heard.

Well, we’ve been discussing Servitors and the creation of egregors and god forms lately in the D:. G:., and we’ve Make several ones as individuals to get those of us that aren’t used to it into the workings of the technique, and have since found results to varying degrees. This last Monday, we got together and decided to create one as a group- an Egregore that we can call upon and utilize. While I won’t divulge the details of its creation and existence until it’s ready and made, it’s an interesting experiment.

Now, onto the technique itself. There are tons of places that will tell you much of what I will list here, and the book Creating magical Entities were influential in my process. While mine is different from any that I have read, as with most magical writings, it’s hard not to step on toes. If you see anything that I have that seems really close but isn’t notated as referenced anywhere, let me know and I’ll go look up that book, and cite the text. Most likely, I have either not read it, or I couldn’t remember what freakin’ book it was.

There is always going to be a “how-to” on these topics, some written much more dynamically then I could do myself, and instead of writing mine here and possibly violating some code of conduct or copyright of written materials, I’ll simply detail how this technique works (it’s a theory, but a good one) in my own words. If it pleases you, I’ll post links at the end of the post which track back to examples of these DIY pages.

That aside, let me explain how these techniques work. 🙂

The key with servitors is to create something detailed and specific, focusing on everything from how it will look dormant, to how it will nourish itself and do it’s job at the same time. Focusing on the associations it has simply allows for you to feed into it’s energy pool every time a correspondence you’ve associated with it comes up. For example, you create a servitor to remind you to do the chores, and you associate it with the broom. Every time you see or handle the broom, that association is strengthened and the servitor feeds from the thoughts given to that correspondence.

Now, while that was a wordy description, it does make sense (at least to me, I’m sure I could do more to clarify if you’ll ask). Especially if you consider the concepts of association. Any ritual or tool is used to focus the associations and draw change into the life of the magician. Creating a servitor serves this purpose, because the entity you create will draw the associations together into one cohesive being, using all of the association’s gathered energies to enact your change. The fact that once you send it off, your servator enacts your will without your constant attention makes it an ideal working for those of us with less than ample time to focus on one thing.

*edit* Thanks to Mercurial for pointing out a few of the many flaws in this post. I’ll be lookingover it and editing for content over the next few days.

More to come, in the next intallment of the Magic and Mayhem series- “Magic? What Magic? These are my socks.”