The Genocide of insects.

So, here we are again, talkin’ ’bout the weather. I had a moment of peace today, after running on a yarn crawl and bringing my roomie with me. (sweet girl, hence how I can tolerate to live with her.) Got some interesting yarn to add to my immature stash. Right now, the stash only takes up a couple of hefty desk drawers, but it’s getting there. With so little space I can’t really go all out.

So, the title of this post was decided on when the security guard at work was talking to me about how stupid it is for people to hurt animals. We both agree that hurting animals is wrong- however I seem to be the only person who will go out of their way to get  spider outside the house, insted of killing it. Set up food “traps” for ants in order to put them outside. I even watch my feet when I walk to make sure I don’t step on anything!

This seems strange to me, but oh well.

So yes, next blog I will have pictures, and hopefully a few of the knitting. 😛


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