And the world turns

Soon, there will be only one. The world of the knitters shall cut their numbers, imbuing their own bodies with the life force of the past generations. There can be only one- and I am going to be it!

 After that shameless highlander plug, I’d like to imbue a few words of wisdom from my noggin to your optical lobes. As always, I’ll lack most tact, be a bit obscene, and perhaps even scar the children (there should be a disclaimer somewhere. I’ll work on that).

 The words of insight that I shall impart upon you today, is that of the nature of information. As many of you know, in these days there is next to nothing out there that won’t be posted to the Internet in some form or another. Even the secret societies are using the Internet as a form of communication to bring in new adepts. Take the House of the Dreaming, for instance. A small, quiet subset of a vampyric community, and a forum that I am fairly active on. They have most communication spreading throughout the Internet through the main forum, and most commercially available messengers. It’s great that this information is accessible by more than the few who happen to be close to the beacon, but to those of us who feel it’s pull from continents way.

The only thing lacking at the moment is a messenger system that will actively translate our words into other languages to bypass the language barriers of the world. Mostly because with it we would be able to very easily become our own diplomats, creating friendships in every country. While there are two universal languages (mathematics and music) that can be twisted into creating a semi solid representation of meaning, you can’t exactly say “Wow, you’re German? How is Pastry today?” and have it come out meaning “wow, you’re German? How’s Berlin, dude?” without some sort of translation service.

 (Side note, the German word Berliner is a type of pastry. Hence the funny joke was all make about the phrase “Ien ich Berliner” from one of the more memorable Presidents.)

I feel this technology will be released soon, and it will be glitchy and poorly fabricated. There will be a new revolution from the Internet, a renewed uprising of the minorities to discover what other countries truly think of their own, and how their governments politics truly effect the world. Of course, because of the fact that these people will have little to no understanding (generally speaking) of the language they are translating into, there very well could be the worse “I hate you commie bastards” plastered across the receiver’s screen, when all you asked was, “Don’t you guys import coffee to the Philippines?”

Needless to say, the information superhighway can be full of literary blunder. Like this blog, for instance!

So, the point that I am getting to (the long way, because I can) is that there are tons of reasons to use the Internet, and several that will get you angry. If I am doing my job right, then there will be flame wars, there will be friends and enemies made, because I am human. Though I’m a Libra, not everyone will love me and the things I say. Good! Though if you read something that doesn’t make sense, comment (damnit comment, please! I’m feeling left out and alone…I’m not desperate. 😦 )  and let me know that I’ve done wrong. I’ll tell you that you are a pig headed tramp that you’re right and then call you dirty names change my posts ASAP.

So, work again tonight, however this time I have a more portable way of entertaining myself. I’m teaching myself crochet! It’s fun (not as much as knitting, mind you.) and works up a fabric pretty fast. I;m getting some pictures taken tomorrow with my roommates camera. so you can see my actual knitting. Sadly, all of my finished projects are either gone to live with other people, or scrapped because I didn’t like how it turned out.

So, that’s my plan for tomorrow. Right now, I’m working on a sleeve for a hoodie in Red heart (I know, I’m too thrifty for my own fetish…) classic. It’s a cool purple color, and it knits up well enough. I’m also still working on the socks on the double circulars, those should be done in time for my mothers birthday.

Well, it’s back to the drawing board (and work) But I’ll probably post another not too long from now.


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