The first, and testy

Well, this should be interesting, at least from my side. I’m assuming that there are very few people out there that blog about magical practices, random writings that they do, and knitting all at once (my gods I think wordpress might go s’plody!) but that will be the purpose here. Of course, if there are any readers interested in anything that I say, or embellishments to certain things mentioned, by all means use that comment feature!

 Certainly there are others other there, who strive to become the leaders of their own lives? I certainly am a hell of a ways away on the path. Hey, if my words and inspire some one to get out and get on it, then I’ll post. While I don’t know why people hardly comment on the thingsexpect comments right away I do hope that they will come. Blogs are about finding people of like mind to share in your visions, and goals, in your successes and failures (more-so with the failures on my part, I surmise…) and coming together to become an entire community! We can only hope…

One thing that I  found not too long ago was a writing prompt generator. While many of the prompts were a little on the useless for my writing style side, there were more than enough for me to save it in my memory banks. (I’d share a link…but google hath failed me now.) And I will be using them every so often to add a bit of diversity to the posts. Diversity is good, right?

I’m sure I’ll be inspired to write more tonight, since I’ll be up until the ass-crack of dawn shows it’s filthy self the sun comes up.

Well, how about a little about me, then? As I’m sure all of you now know, I’m not exactly PC. You’ll see the strike throughs often, as I will attempt to edit myself, and find most of them at least a bit humorous; what with being able to follow my revision strategies, and all.

I work nights at a hotel in Downtown Boise, ID. currently I’m the only person working nights, so the next 10 or so business days I’m going to be trapped like a dirty hooker to her crack working a lot. I don’t mind, I need the money- but the lack of free time can be disturbing.

How about you guys? What’s going on the the world of _______*? Let me know!

Well, that’s kind’ve a long post. I think I’ll let it go for now.




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