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The Genocide of insects.

Posted in Uncategorized on March 30, 2008 by Ezikiel

So, here we are again, talkin’ ’bout the weather. I had a moment of peace today, after running on a yarn crawl and bringing my roomie with me. (sweet girl, hence how I can tolerate to live with her.) Got some interesting yarn to add to my immature stash. Right now, the stash only takes up a couple of hefty desk drawers, but it’s getting there. With so little space I can’t really go all out.

So, the title of this post was decided on when the security guard at work was talking to me about how stupid it is for people to hurt animals. We both agree that hurting animals is wrong- however I seem to be the only person who will go out of their way to get  spider outside the house, insted of killing it. Set up food “traps” for ants in order to put them outside. I even watch my feet when I walk to make sure I don’t step on anything!

This seems strange to me, but oh well.

So yes, next blog I will have pictures, and hopefully a few of the knitting. 😛


And the world turns

Posted in Uncategorized on March 29, 2008 by Ezikiel

Soon, there will be only one. The world of the knitters shall cut their numbers, imbuing their own bodies with the life force of the past generations. There can be only one- and I am going to be it!

 After that shameless highlander plug, I’d like to imbue a few words of wisdom from my noggin to your optical lobes. As always, I’ll lack most tact, be a bit obscene, and perhaps even scar the children (there should be a disclaimer somewhere. I’ll work on that).

 The words of insight that I shall impart upon you today, is that of the nature of information. As many of you know, in these days there is next to nothing out there that won’t be posted to the Internet in some form or another. Even the secret societies are using the Internet as a form of communication to bring in new adepts. Take the House of the Dreaming, for instance. A small, quiet subset of a vampyric community, and a forum that I am fairly active on. They have most communication spreading throughout the Internet through the main forum, and most commercially available messengers. It’s great that this information is accessible by more than the few who happen to be close to the beacon, but to those of us who feel it’s pull from continents way.

The only thing lacking at the moment is a messenger system that will actively translate our words into other languages to bypass the language barriers of the world. Mostly because with it we would be able to very easily become our own diplomats, creating friendships in every country. While there are two universal languages (mathematics and music) that can be twisted into creating a semi solid representation of meaning, you can’t exactly say “Wow, you’re German? How is Pastry today?” and have it come out meaning “wow, you’re German? How’s Berlin, dude?” without some sort of translation service.

 (Side note, the German word Berliner is a type of pastry. Hence the funny joke was all make about the phrase “Ien ich Berliner” from one of the more memorable Presidents.)

I feel this technology will be released soon, and it will be glitchy and poorly fabricated. There will be a new revolution from the Internet, a renewed uprising of the minorities to discover what other countries truly think of their own, and how their governments politics truly effect the world. Of course, because of the fact that these people will have little to no understanding (generally speaking) of the language they are translating into, there very well could be the worse “I hate you commie bastards” plastered across the receiver’s screen, when all you asked was, “Don’t you guys import coffee to the Philippines?”

Needless to say, the information superhighway can be full of literary blunder. Like this blog, for instance!

So, the point that I am getting to (the long way, because I can) is that there are tons of reasons to use the Internet, and several that will get you angry. If I am doing my job right, then there will be flame wars, there will be friends and enemies made, because I am human. Though I’m a Libra, not everyone will love me and the things I say. Good! Though if you read something that doesn’t make sense, comment (damnit comment, please! I’m feeling left out and alone…I’m not desperate. 😦 )  and let me know that I’ve done wrong. I’ll tell you that you are a pig headed tramp that you’re right and then call you dirty names change my posts ASAP.

So, work again tonight, however this time I have a more portable way of entertaining myself. I’m teaching myself crochet! It’s fun (not as much as knitting, mind you.) and works up a fabric pretty fast. I;m getting some pictures taken tomorrow with my roommates camera. so you can see my actual knitting. Sadly, all of my finished projects are either gone to live with other people, or scrapped because I didn’t like how it turned out.

So, that’s my plan for tomorrow. Right now, I’m working on a sleeve for a hoodie in Red heart (I know, I’m too thrifty for my own fetish…) classic. It’s a cool purple color, and it knits up well enough. I’m also still working on the socks on the double circulars, those should be done in time for my mothers birthday.

Well, it’s back to the drawing board (and work) But I’ll probably post another not too long from now.

Smokin’ Crack

Posted in Knitting on March 29, 2008 by Ezikiel

There are few things in this world that will make me cringe, or just plain angry. When I’m at work, however, and some fat ugly guy (not even a good looking one, damnit!) is pants down in the hallway making out with his girlfriend (who was surprisingly pretty. I suggested she raise her standards.) and she keeps saying no, that will just piss me right the hell off.

I think someone was smokin’ crack, and I don’t believe it was me.

 Well, that was fun. I’m glad that’s out of my system.

Now! Since it’s a new blog, I might as well start the tradition of talking about something important. Knitting, knitting is important, it makes me feel like I can accomplish something, and it makes me sit down and take the time to reflect on  the happenings on the day.

Once I’m done reflecting, it makes me rip out all of the mistakes I’ve done throughout the pattern, and start over, this time focused. knowing that nothing will stop me from learning to create beautiful works of art. Socks, a shawl, a skirt (I have enough of my own, mostly I try to make these sorts of things for other people), and sometimes I even try to make a sweater.

Then I realize that the cat has been playing with the skein of yarn. I’ve been too focused on my knitting to realize that she’s make a gigantic nest out of my precious lace-weight mohair that I’m trying to design a shawl out of. After batting her away from the mohair disaster, and spending 3 1/2 hours getting all of the frightened little inches of thread back into their rightfull order, I look back at the needles. Horrified, I look back to the needles. They aren’t there. my knitting is there, all 5 inches of the lace is there, but the needles are gone. I looked around, nearly in tears by now because obviously some force is trying to tell me that this project hates me. I see the needles, being dragged through the living room by Zeena.

For those of you who don’t know, Zeena is a ferret. Her brother, Silver is obviously the lazy enabler, because he’s got his head poking out from underneath the couch and he’s shaking with excitement as the prize of two size 0 14 inch straights are being hefted from my knitting. I wrestled for 20 minutes with Zeena to get back my needles.

 Never a dull moment, I tell you. Though I must say, that even with all of the happeneings at my house, it’s a wonder that I haven’t gotten much knitting done.

 Now is when I curl into the fetal position, cry as a child in the womb who was just punched by a deligerent drunk would cry, and go to work. It’s going to be a great night.

And I was correct! I found this —> Already, I’m sort of feeling like a saucy Tramp for sharing it! (it’s on the list of insults. 😛 )

Well, it’s off to be some stuff done. And I do mean DONE!

The first, and testy

Posted in Introductions on March 28, 2008 by Ezikiel

Well, this should be interesting, at least from my side. I’m assuming that there are very few people out there that blog about magical practices, random writings that they do, and knitting all at once (my gods I think wordpress might go s’plody!) but that will be the purpose here. Of course, if there are any readers interested in anything that I say, or embellishments to certain things mentioned, by all means use that comment feature!

 Certainly there are others other there, who strive to become the leaders of their own lives? I certainly am a hell of a ways away on the path. Hey, if my words and inspire some one to get out and get on it, then I’ll post. While I don’t know why people hardly comment on the thingsexpect comments right away I do hope that they will come. Blogs are about finding people of like mind to share in your visions, and goals, in your successes and failures (more-so with the failures on my part, I surmise…) and coming together to become an entire community! We can only hope…

One thing that I  found not too long ago was a writing prompt generator. While many of the prompts were a little on the useless for my writing style side, there were more than enough for me to save it in my memory banks. (I’d share a link…but google hath failed me now.) And I will be using them every so often to add a bit of diversity to the posts. Diversity is good, right?

I’m sure I’ll be inspired to write more tonight, since I’ll be up until the ass-crack of dawn shows it’s filthy self the sun comes up.

Well, how about a little about me, then? As I’m sure all of you now know, I’m not exactly PC. You’ll see the strike throughs often, as I will attempt to edit myself, and find most of them at least a bit humorous; what with being able to follow my revision strategies, and all.

I work nights at a hotel in Downtown Boise, ID. currently I’m the only person working nights, so the next 10 or so business days I’m going to be trapped like a dirty hooker to her crack working a lot. I don’t mind, I need the money- but the lack of free time can be disturbing.

How about you guys? What’s going on the the world of _______*? Let me know!

Well, that’s kind’ve a long post. I think I’ll let it go for now.