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There are many systems designed to teach you how to apply energy work and understanding to your rituals.  Some learn better through stories, some through example, some through practical hands on application of their craft.  Rarely, there are those that intuit their process, and it works just fine for them without ever trying or practicing.  I am not one of those.

I had to develop my own system of energy work, and without going into too many boring details of how to apply visualization and programming to energy constructs, I would like to at least start off by explaining a bit about the baseline assumptions made about energy work.

First, that it is malleable.  This is a base assumption of most of the magical community.  I saw it is an assumption, because while we can prove that energy in fact exists, and we can direct it to a degree, there is hardly any empirical evidence to prove that humans are capable of consciously changing the direction or nature of raw forces.  I say this to play devil’s advocate, in some ways– but to also make sure we are all on the same page.  The only reason that magic works is because we are changing how we perceive and interact with the objective universe by filtering it through our subjective perception matrix.  The human consiouness is also known to catagorize information based on pre-conceived notions of survival.  If you want to believe that something is not a threat to you, then you will see it as harmless (a fact that nature takes advantage of by programming us to see baby creatures as “adorable” and thus harmless), and this same shifted perception can work against us.  Just be aware.

Another assumption that some make in the magical community is that there is a “source” or “well” of energy.  Regardless of your own cosmological structure, you should be well aware of the conventions that rule your order of the universe, and know that not every one will use the same concepts as you to perceive their universe.  When having discussions I see this all the time, where instead of talking about the similarities of cultures, or comparing their ideologies, people argue over the semantics that govern the differences in their spiritual practices.  Remember the Golden Rule– Don’t be a dick.  As long as you keep this one in mind, and stop the petty pedagogical pissing contest, we can all have a good conversation. 😉

While there are many systems of training, there are some people that argue “all spirituality is the same, it leads to the same destination.”  I hate to piss in your cheerios, but this is simply not true.  The concepts of enlightenment are not a concept most people practicing a spiritual path seem to care about.  In fact, some are using their spirituality to simply be better people, others to be successful in business, even others to honor their ancestors, and every paradigm has different customs and assumptions of what is important and how to act as a “good person.”  It is ridiculous to assume, with all of the different types of people and paths along our own journeys, that we really have anything in common other than our human nature (which some will even contend that point, so you see what I mean?).  If you are having a spiritual conversation, see point two on the clarification of things, state your own understanding, and allow others to do the same.  Then, using your critical thinking skills (cue: scary dramatic music) to asses the similarities and disparities, and use that as a starting point.

Now that I have done all that explaining, allow me to divulge my big secret to personal energy work, and it’s success.  I just focus.  Confused?  Allow me to extrapolate.

Focus is an acronym.  It stand for Free, Order, Concentrate, Understand, and Sense.

This simple tool is how I remember all my necessary steps.  First, to free the mind.  Breathe, allow yourself to relax, and stop the worry or unnecessary tension.  Then, order your thoughts, and while relaxed begin to move on to step three.  COncentrate on your goal, being at this point to build your tension, and as you concentrate on what needs to be accomplished, move to step four.  Understand how energy works (in your perception).  For me, Energy follows Will, which is navigated by Thought and Emotion.  Move the will, and the energy will follow.  Understand that this process is automatic, and allow it to work for itself.  The final step, to sense, is to make sure you are still in a good place.  Sense yourself, make sure you are grounded, calm, and conscious.  

With this simple process, I complete most all of the complex constructs of my meditations, rituals, and even interpersonal interactions.  I also use this during my classes, study sessions, and conversations, to make sure that my emotional reactions are justified and moderated.

I hope this clarifies a few things, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. 



Podcast test

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This is a test, please disregard if you aren’t interested in listening to me rant about my new project for five minutes.  Otherwise, listen away!

The 6 Keys to the Embodied: A Synopsis of inward reaching techniques

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The 6 Keys to the Embodied: A Synopsis of inward reaching techniques.


This is a great article by Madame X, of the House of the Dreaming, describing several first milestones of the Embodied consciousness.

I’ll take door number two, please.

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Something that I have been considering lately, is the cyclic nature of the Universe.  Often times, we find ourselves going through periods of our lives, and revisiting old hurts, old emotions, old habits; however, what baffles me is this- why do we go in circles?  Something to consider as we move forward, is to find new strength from our Journey.  When I was younger I was a torrential terror.  Not only was I lost, but I was alone, and didn’t have the groups or communication available to me today, and it created a sense of isolation from the people around me.  It was a challenging time for me, but it allowed me to learn so much more about myself than I otherwise would have been capable.

During my awakening, there was a feeling of “Aha!” that came with the epiphanies of what I am, but there were no clear guidelines of how to live with that information, or what it would cost me to know myself.  It was a very difficult time in my life, and with the added lack of community, I felt as if I were going crazy.  I had a feeling if isolation, and resulting behavioral issues caused significant trouble for my family, and the people around me.  I was never much of a socialite growing up, and when people did try to get close to me I became hostile.  I was always worried about hurting them in some way, that what I identified myself as, was a danger to the people around me.

I will spare you all details, but I was a troubled youth.  Who isn’t, though?  I had issues, and I thought I had grown out of them, but I till find myself drawn to those modes of thought every now and then, as my own path of self healing takes me around to old scars that I haven’t actually dealt with.  My concepts of self-control, composure, and the Shadow had come from these experiences.  I had worked off of the idea that I could manifest myself the way I choose to be, instead of running off of that predatory instinct running rampant with my life.

In a way, I was correct- even as I grew and mellowed out, learning to incorporate a lot of the spiritual identity and control my energies, I still effected my surroundings in significant ways.  People would begin new phases in their lives once I came to know them.  Sometimes, even just hours after meeting them.  I had observed this phenomena for years, taking log of the different people I knew that had their lives and structure deconstructed- there was really only one common denominator, and that was me being around.  I toyed with the idea for a while that I was simply being drawn to people who were about to experience such radical shifts in their lives so that I could hone my skills of guiding people through such hard times, and I feel that is true to an extent.

I knew very early into my awakening that I was a demon- and one aspect of being such is having a significant “adversarial” affect on others.  This, I believe, is where the idea of demons being “evil,” came from.  People in lore and stories avoided demons because they would act as a catalyst for significant change to how they perceive or interact with their own worldview.  We open peoples minds, if they are ready for it or not, because of how our energy unlocks things within them.  Whether this happens because I am a demon, or if my path is lining itself up to intersect with people at this particular phase in their own lives, to me is irrelevant.  It happens, all the same.

Lately, I have been seeing myself working more off of that old instinct- something about working toward the Embodied nature demands that I integrate all of these aspects of self, as opposed to trying to suppress them.   I’m sure a few in the audience are cocking an eyebrow and saying, “well, duh,” and they would be right.  My own ego got in the way, and thought for some forsaken reason, that I was better than that.  Trust me, I’m not.  Neither are you, sadly.  We can all think about how far we have come, and what we have been able to accomplish, but it doesn’t mean a damn thing unless you take the time to apply the lessons you learn.  This is something that I have seen people do for years.  They try to avoid learning the lesson, and are doomed to repeat it.  Often times, with even more disastrous results as the universe get’s bored with talking to a brick wall, and decides to just beat you over the head with a “clueX4,” to borrow a phrase from a friend.

Recently, I have seen my own “clueX4” coming at my head.  I started to manifest a few of the behavioral issues from my childhood because I had never really understood why those destructive forces were so pronounced, and was trying to hard to just ignore them and hope they would go away.  These tenancies were showing themselves more frequently, an quite noticeably, to the people close to me.  This was unacceptable.  I find that this root cause of these issues was an old familiar foe- Fear, and his sidekick, Insecure Child.  It really all comes down to those two things for me (right now).  Yes, I can try that whole “trust” business, but in the past such trust was abused by the people I chose to give it to, and created an even greater insecurity and fear of the repercussions of trust.  Yes, I have people that I know I can trust, but that doubt in the back of my mind makes it very hard for me to open up to them.  Is it a valid insecurity?  Sure.  Is it rational? Maybe.  Is it something that I need to change in order to better live my life? Oh, most definitely!

I know of many ways to create such changes in one’s own psyche- advanced Journey work, Shadow Path-working, Seidh work, Meditation, and those are just the ones that I know of, I’m sure there are more.  Something that i have come to terms with recently is the concept of a Wounded Healer.  Kristin Madden makes some exceptional points in ‘The Book of Shamanic Healing,” in which she explains her own healing process, and the resulting ability to help others through her own healing.  Sure, I’m scared to see what those monsters inside have turned into, since I have neglected  dealing with them for so long.  I have my work cut out for me this month, that’s for sure!

This is a trend that I am seeing in the community, where people are just not wanting to deal with their own short comings, and learn.  That’s also why I started using my skills as a Tarot reader, Healer, and Priest, so that  I could reach out and help them change their lives for the better.  Sure, business is slow, because even with guidance these are not easy things for anybody to come to terms with- much less even admit that they are having an issue in the first place.  Problem is, the Universe will always give you two options.  Easy road, or hard road.  We all choose the easy road, at first, until we realize that the easy road only looks easy.  In fact, door number one, with it’s “easy road” label, doesn’t actually go anywhere but circles and dead ends.  Door number two, while it is the harder path, is also the more fulfilling one.  The challenges and obstacles that we face while journeying into the unknown will only further our Awakening, and lead you closer to the Embodied awareness.

This is an issue to the Embodied, not just because we are not moving on to new lessons (because we want the easy road), but it can also have a negative impact on our life path (because there is no new growth, only stagnation).  If we are stuck learning at a 1st grade level, we won’t ever graduate to new understandings- it’ll just be a less literal version of the movie Groundhog Day.  Not exactly a safer, more fuel efficient option.  I wouldn’t change my experiences for the world, because they have taught me so much, but I also make it a goal to not need a refresher course.  I will approach every moment with the wisdom I have earned, and move forward.  Will you?

Musings of an Island in the Abzu.

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With all of the running around associated with promotion, sometimes it seems like you are doing more “selling,” than you are actually doing what you want to do.  What I want to do is provide my services to people- Readings (which I’m told are great, but I still try to make them better), Energy Healing, Pathwork (defined as guiding people through the otherworlds, and integrating aspects of their shadow selves back into the whole), and guidance.  Why? Because it is what I am called to do.  Do I get frustrated sometimes?  Of course.  I know that my guidance and advice can be really beneficial to those who choose to listen.

Perhaps my ego is getting ahead of me.  Hello, I’m Ezikiel.  I’m a priest, confidant, psychic, and friend.  I am also a business owner, and currently my only source of income is from the services (described above) that I offer.  That being said, I approach my job as a counselor would, in that one session is great, but really to get any progress made it should be an ongoing process.  But how often should people pursuing holistic healing form a spiritual source be expected to expend money? Does it depend on the client, or on the treatment?

Generally (and trust me, there are exceptions), Following up with a reading twice a month can be a beneficial practice.  Not only will you be working with your psychic on setting goals, how best to attain them, and what unseen factors may be blocking you, but you will also have a change to work on you.  Understanding and healing the self is just as important as making sure that you are doing everything you can with the situations in your life.  Your psychic, if they are worth any salt, will also help guide you to a place of acceptance with the self, and understanding of how to change who you are to better fit your concept of who you should be.  This is not a process that happens overnight, and can often be a tumultuous one (at best).  You will go through emotions you thought you had conquered, repressed angers, fears, and stresses.  I find that the best way to approach situations like this, is to not go it alone.

I have been “going it alone” for several years, trust me, it isn’t the easier road.  Seriously, if you have the option for a personal trainer that helps you hone your emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and physical self, would you take it?  Sure, you could do all the exercises yourself, but will you?  That is why we seek community- to have motivations, and real, honest interactions.  Those are the services provided by psychics all around the world.

Some psychics will charge a lot of money to help you with your problems, but as an ongoing fee, is it going to be sustainable?  Are you, the client, going to be able to afford the guidance of your healer?  This is something that is so important to understand, since there are still a lot of people out there that fake prophecy, and act shamefully with clients.  It puts a bad taste in everyone’s mouth- but I can not fault them.  At least, not entirely.  It is just as important that you build a relationship with your healer- just like a masseuse, you have to trust that they will treat you with respect, dignity, and hit all of those tense spots that have been bothering you, but you can’t seem to shake on your own.  If you feel that something wrong is happening, follow that instinct, and take it to an objective source (like a friend or family member).  If you feel you have been scammed, overpaid, or aren’t getting any results from your interactions with that person, then don’t use their services.  If you feel it necessary to warn others, than consider telling your friends and family about your experience.  Perhaps, even submit something about your treatment to you tube.

One thing that I do hate seeing, is people being taken advantage of.  Another thing that I hate just as much, is people lashing out and trying to find “retribution,” for the actions of a psychic.  You chose to join in the healing process with them- you are now a responsible party.  Just like any other service job, sometimes people take for granted that you are there to help them.  If a client is having a hard time understanding (or appreciating) the gravity of the process that they are participating in, than perhaps they are not ready for your wisdom.  Conversely, perhaps “your” wisdom is not what they need.  The best thing that you can do is sit someone down, and have an honest interaction with them.  Appreciate their time, their willingness, and their honesty.  Return these in kind, and perhaps you will find yourself moving towards a better experience.

So, that was a long winded rant.  Not really relevant to anything, now that I think about it, but fun to write!  Stay well, friends.  Hugs and cookies for all!

Embody Thyself radio show, notes

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The radio show went very well, and while there are still a few kinks to work out, I feel much better about how things are going. We did have a few questions about some of the organisations that we referenced during the show, and some of the materials, so I wanted to make a list for you! I hope to see you all at the next show, we’ll make sure to have details up ASAP!

1. Black Magick;Michael Aquino, copyright 1975-2010.”www.xeper.org/maquino/nm/BlackMagicRL.pdf”
2. http://www.adf.org/core/
3. http://www.thetroth.org/
4. http://www.houseofthedreaming.org

Also, we have found a way to host chat/discussion for future events, we’ll be sure to keep you posted on topics and times when we organize them.

It was a great show, I hope you all enjoyed it as well!

Being the Embodiment

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It isn’t so new of a concept. In fact, almost every world religion has an idea of stepping into your spirituality- becoming the Archon of your own faith and power. With most, it is simply accepting your responsibility in the grand schemes of the universe, and being willing to act in a manner that benefits others as much as yourself. To most, this simple concept comes down to one thing- live your life the way you want, and spread joy with your interactions with others.

For the Embodied, we take this to a whole new level, where we are seeking an awareness deeply recessed into our own consciousness. Through the Vampiric community, There is a concept called Zephy’r. This is based almost entirely on the concept of Xepher, re-introduced by the temple of Set (and all of their amazing scholars), from the Eqyptian culture. Xepher is evolution, manifestation of the potential of the Self. It is often used in magical traditions to symbolize the awakening of the Inner divinity, and has much the same connotations in the OVC and Otherkin crowds. While it is often seen in religious context, it does not really have anything to do with a particular theology. Religion and Spirituality can be mutually exclusive, but to truly manifest your own Xepher, you must find the personal balance between these two facets of life.

The Embodied are not just Otherkin, though I apply the term to my own spiritual progress, it is in fact a form of evolution. Conscious awareness and action are imperative to the evolution of the Self. It probably should go without saying, that this takes training and understanding of the self, and all facets of your personal psychology as well, but this is an often overlooked part of the process. Many people just don’t want to deal with their own shortcomings. Whether this takes the form of counseling, shadow working, Journey work, or Soul Retrieval, all of these are foundations to understanding why we do the things we do, and what our own habitual programming has done to our psyche. Incorporating all of these aspects of the self into one cohesive understanding is the foundation of the Embodied Awareness.

What does this mean, though, to people who are Otherkin/Vampires/Therian,etc.? It means three things, each that we will look at in a little detail.

Through the Awakening, you only get the barest glimpse.
When the Awakening happens, we often get so caught up in the realization of our nature and the fluctuations of energy within and around us, we overlook details. We forget that all of this should be relevant to our every day life. I have met far too many who have taken the awakening as a sign that the process is over, and that now they just have to live with the new found knowledge. Unfortunately, the awakening changes so much of our psychology and interactions socially, that it would be impossible to move forward, without also understanding the depth and breadth of those changes and effects. We are dynamic creatures, and even on a “normal” psychological level must be going through and constantly re-evaluating our relationship to the objective universe. If the Subjective universe changes our perception of the Objective, the dymanic between them has changed in such drastic ways that most psychoanalysis wouldn’t even know where to begin evaluating. Not only do you have to sort out all of the urges, spiritual imperatives, behaviors, social customs, and intrapersonal interactions, but we also have to know what this means going forward. Are we learning to be a stronger species? Are we incorporating our spiritual awareness into our daily lives? Why is this important? These are all questions that the Awakening forced me to ask, and though your situation may be different than mine, I implore you to do such exploratory self evaluation.

Just because you are Other, does not mean that you are better
This goes back to a pretty pervasive issue in the community, of “fluff”-type personalities, that use their Other side to tout how great and important they are. You aren’t. No more so than hobos on the street, or the president. Unfortunately we all have equal footing in the cosmic scheme of things. We are either Gods of our own reality, or we are the victims of an uncaring ebb and tide. Only you can decide which that is, and blasting all over the interwebs that you are the sparkling reinvention of a great and powerful being isn’t going to accomplish a damn thing, except maybe piss off the people who know what they are doing. Hint, if you don’t have to work for it, you are not likely to have it handed to you. Need I say more?

Understanding the Lore of your Kin is necessary
Who the hell thinks that just because they “lived as an elf,” does not mean that you know what the hell you are talking about. Compare these sensory inputs to traditional interpretations of Elven culture. I’m talking Proto-German, Celtic, Sumerian, Etruscan, Asian, all of them. Get an idea of how the human cultures interacted with the Otherworld, and use that to refine your understanding of self. No, I’m not saying that your “memory” is bad. I’m saying that our Subconscious and spiritual selves communicate with symbols- you are looking at things through a distorted lens of symbols, hidden meanings, and interpretive visions. Don’t EVER take things at face value, question your urges, understand the root of your behaviors, and for the sake of all those of us who do our research, unless you can use something other than “because I just know!” as a counter argument, just don’t.

Essentially, don’t stop improving your understanding of the Self, remove yourself from the idea of ego, and do your research. You can do it! Really, just get off your lazy carcass and try Best of luck!